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Backlinks are the links by which other websites point to some specific website. They add value and ranking to the website that receives the backlinks. Many tools are available as backlink analysis tools that give a particular website's actual image and position in the digital competition.

In today's digital market, the competition is getting fierce day by day. A backlink checker gives the company a picture of where it stands in the online research as above 80% of the buyers conduct online research before deciding to purchase a product. If your website does not rank high in the search results, you are likely to be missed out on visitors looking for their required products. The algorithm will give you a quantitative analysis of the value of your brand in the market.

The number and quality of backlinks pointing to any website determine the overall authority of its domain. These links help your website, and its specific pages rank according to their quality and relevance in search engine results.

Getting a smart and detailed insight into how the products resonate with the customers and how the visitors are converting into buyers determines the success rate of any brand. Evaluating the backlink sites is crucial as it gives an idea of where a company stands and what it will take to reach the next level.

A backlink checker is a valuable tool providing irreplaceable comprehension of backlinks and their number. A backlink metric combined with other monitoring and SEO functions gives a better understanding of your content, making your website's performance extraordinary. Using a backlink monitoring tool makes you understand why your page or website is ranking where it is and how it can rank higher. You can beat your competitors with increased traffic through quality links which you can identify with the help of a backlink checker.

Backlinks are essential for a particular website in the vast digital ecosystem. When reputable websites link your page, they value the quality of your content. It is crucial to understand your link profile, which will give you a clue whether you are in the right direction.

Low-quality sites may not benefit your site. To prevent the potential backlash of these negative links, it is essential to identify and disavow them. A backlink checker helps you monitor your profile and get notified when you get linked to any poor-quality sites. It gives you a better understanding of positive link-building opportunities that can benefit your website. As you get to know which page of your website is gaining positive backlinks, you have an idea of which content resonates more with the visitors. Quality links are factors that can make you outperform your search among your competitors. The number of new backlinks must outweigh the number of lost backlinks to ensure positive growth.

Try the free version of backlink checker by INSeoTools and get a glimpse of the usefulness of this incredible tool. You can check any website, URL, or subsection to understand where the website falls in the digital competition.

  • Total link count including edu and gov links
  • The exact number of referring domains
  • You can filter links by anchor text, region, domain authority score, PA score, and URL
  • You can choose nofollow and dofollow links.
  • You can get a backlink over time growth chart that will indicate how fast or slow your backlink count is growing.
  • You can get notifications when you lose or gain links.
  • Some tools send daily emails, providing you insight into the health of your link profile.
  • Finding your competitors' most valuable backlinks and closely examining their backlink profiles gives you a pattern to follow to get great link-building opportunities. You will get to know where they are earning links from and how. You can also examine who links to a competitor and not you and find ways to intersect.

It is quite easy to check the backlink using our backlink checker tool at You do not have to be an expert or techie to perform this function.

  • Step #1 

Go on the page 

  • Step #2 

Enter the URL or website in the space provided.

  • Step # 3 

Click on the blue submit button. After a few seconds, you will get the number of backlinks for this website.

Backlinks, also known as inbound links or external links, are links pointing from another website. They are referred to as a vote or referrals for a website.

Generally, the more backlinks a website shows by the backlink checker tool, the better. Moreover, the better the backlink quality, the higher it will take your website in the ranking. Search engines consider each backlink a recommendation, and the more trusted the recommender is, the higher your website will rank.

The higher the linking website is, the more it will make your website rank, so while getting backlinks, it is essential to consider quality and quantity. Ten low-quality websites may not make you reach a point where a single high-quality website could take you. It is better to have one quality link than ten low-quality links. So while building your backlinks, do not focus on the quantity only.

The time a new backlink takes to show up in the database when searched by a backlink checker depends on the website's popularity. Usually, popular websites get indexed faster as compared to less popular ones.

Yes, the quality of any link varies with time. It is essential to check the quality of links by backlink checker after some time to evaluate the accurate position of your website in real-time.

It is better to have a more significant percentage of no-follow links than do-follow links because this is how genuine profiles look.

Enter the URL of your competitor on the backlink checker tool and click on submit. Analyzing your competitor backlinks allows you to peek at their backlink strategies and use their missed opportunities.

The number of backlinks required increases with the difficulty ranking. If your keyword has a difficulty of 10 yo may need ten backlinks, but if the difficulty ranking is 50, you may require 100 backlinks to rank in search engines.

There are no limits for creating backlinks as far as they are quality links. It is better to make one quality link than ten spammy or toxic links in a day.

Toxic backlinks do not help you rank in search engines. They can not only harm your site but also lead to penalties from search engines, so keep an eye on the quality of your backlinks with a good backlink checker to avoid this situation.

You can contact the administrator of the linking site and ask them to remove the link, or you can remove the links using the Disavow file generator.

Stop your link-building strategy after you go live, as it eliminates the risk of removed or lost links.