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BMP to Text

Developed by Microsoft, these files are images saved in the Bitmap or BMP raster image format. They hold uncompressed image data that supports monochrome and color images at variable color bit depths. They also hold image metadata. These files are a commonly used option for storing 2D digital photos. 

This format doesn’t restrict you to one device or require a graphic adapter to display image data on various platforms. You can use it on Windows and Mac without any problems. The lossless compression feature of this format is able to hold two-dimensional images that are both colored and monochrome. The BMP image format has optional compression, alpha channels, and color profile features. 

This format is compatible with platforms and programs. It is among the finest software available for editing and enhancing BMP images. 

Microsoft developed the BMP format to save images that wouldn’t be subject to distortion when viewed on another device. The BMP format starts off with a file header. This includes a bitmap identifier, file size, weight, and the data compression method which is optional. The header is followed by raw pixel image data and optional ICC color profile data. 

Please note that due to the files being uncompressed, they may be larger in size. This is also why people use JPEG & PNG image formats for saving and transferring digital images.

A TXT file is a standard text document that contains plain text. You can open or edit it in any text-editing or word processing program. TXT files are curated by Microsoft Notepad and Apple TextEdit. These text editors come with Windows and MacOS, respectively.  

TXT files don’t need to be exported to other formats. They’re commonly used to store notes, step-by-step instructions, manuscripts, and other text-based information. Windows and macOS both include simple text editors that can save text documents as TXT files by default. 

Also, note that when a Wordpad or TextEdit user saves a document as a TXT file, those programs remove the formatting of the document like bolding, italicization, font style, alignment, etc.

The best part is this format can also be accessed on non-PC devices such as smartphones, kindle, and web browsers such as Chrome and Firefox. 

Let’s say you have a file that contains useful information that needs to be extracted. For this, you need to convert BMP to TXT.

The InSEO BMP to TXT converter tool allows you to convert the files and edit your output text the way you want. It is not possible to directly convert a BMP file to text, so you can’t make changes to them without conversions. 

All you have to do is upload the BMP files from Google Drive to perform conversions. We don’t require third-party downloads or any logins. Simply upload your files, and viola! You’re ready to convert. 

If you’re looking for a secure way to turn your BMP files into text files, you can use the InSEO converter!

BMP Files can be easily accessed using programs merged with Windows and MacOS.

  • In windows, you can open the BMP file in Microsoft Windows Photos that’s bundled with the operating system. 
  • In macOS, Apple preview or Apple photos will enable you to view BMP files. 

A few more applications can be used to access BMP files like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDRAW, and ACD Systems Canvas 

However, it’s not possible for everyone to access this software. Thus, InSEO tools can make this easier for you with our BMP to TXT converter

Convert your documents from BMP to TXT within seconds with our SEO tool. However, please ensure that your document has a standard font like Times New Roman, Arial, etc. After uploading the files, just select “Convert Now”. 

Wait a minute for the tool to process your data and see your results! You no longer have to go through the pains of exporting and converting these formats on expensive software. 

Good Quality

InSEO Tools provides the best tools for converting your files without having to spend on expensive and complicated software. To ensure that the data is as accurate as possible, don't use any fonts that might not be recognized by the software.

Once you’re done trying out our service, we’re sure you’ll be happy with your experience. If you have any doubts, feel free to contact us.

Our tools and websites don't add watermarks to your file. We don't want our users to go through the hassle of converting and removing watermarks. Additionally, y don’t have to sign up or install any software to use our website. 

Privacy, First.

Your data is safe with us. What you don’t store in your files is stored in our servers. After you’ve converted your data within a span of 25 hours, your data is automatically removed from our servers. 

We understand the concerns related to privacy that users have. It’s also crucial to note that if you’re adding your document from Google Drive, it won't be deleted from the original source. 

Supported Platforms 

Our website supports every operating system, including Windows, Mac, and Linux. No matter what browser you’re using, our website functions smoothly across all platforms. 

For BMP to TXT conversion, you don't need to use a specific version of the office suite. 

Fully Online 

The InSEO BMP to TXT converter is fully online-based and allows you to convert your file for free. Once you’ve uploaded the document to the website. The tool will automatically run the process and you won’t have to worry about losing your privacy. 

High-Speed Conversions

Hardware is another aspect you need to worry about. Our tools are curated in such a way that allows highly reliable, high-performance conversions. All you need is a good data connection and you’re all set! 

Leave behind your worries about formatting. Our tool automatically detects your layout and converts it.

The BMP files to text files instantly convert your format. Just keep scrolling to read how you can convert your files.

Step 1: Visit the InSEO tools center website and look up the BMP to TXT converter or click here -

Step 2: Upload your BMP file in the converter. You can also upload via drive or dropbox.

Step 3: Click on the convert button and let the tool do it’s magic.

Step 4: Wait for the convertor to finish. You can now download your file on your preferred system - mobile, tablet, or computer. 

Want to extract another file? Just start over. Pretty easy, no?

While converting from BMP to TXT is not that difficult, our aim was to simplify it for daily use. Now you can convert your files within seconds. Other tools often decrease the quality or give inaccurate data results. However, we have worked around the clock to ensure that we offer you the best solutions in the market.