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About Bulk Facebook ID Finder

The Free Bulk FaceBook ID Finder Tool By In SEO Tools

Search Up to 20 Profile URLs and Find Facebook Ids in Bulk!

Just Copy and Paste More than 20 Facebook Profile URLs in the search bar and get Facebook Ids in bulk!

Enter Up to 20 Your URLs  & Get Facebook ID

A Bulk Facebook ID Finder tool is a software application that allows you to search for and extract Facebook IDs from a list of URLs. This can be useful for marketers or businesses who want to target specific Facebook users or groups.

You might want to use a Bulk Facebook ID Finder tool for various reasons. Some of the most common reasons are:

  • Find specific Facebook users or groups to target with ads or marketing campaigns.
  • To gather information about specific Facebook users or groups.
  • To find lost or old friends.
  • To verify the identities of the people you talked with online.
  • To export a list of Facebook IDs for use in other applications or systems.

The Facebook Bulk ID finder is an excellent tool for researching potential customers or finding old friends.

However, it's important to note that the search results are only as accurate as the information publicly available on Facebook, so be sure to consider this when using the tool.

Regardless of your purpose, when you need to extract Facebook IDs from a list of URLs, a Bulk Facebook ID Finder tool is the perfect solution!

(Be sure to check our Fb ID finder tool!)

Before our bulk Fb profile finder tool, finding facebook profiles in bulk was a nightmare. Firstly, most accessible tools don't provide you with more than one profile data, so you have to manually put each URL and do the process.

Pretty hectic, RIGHT?

And if we talk about that software that provides you bulk Facebook profiles, then those demand you to subscribe to their offers that demand you to pay big bucks.

(No one wants to spend that much money just to extract Facebook profiles? RIGHT?)

Thanks to the In SEO Tools' team, who saw such a situation and felt that there should be a tool that should be easy and free to use.

Keeping this in mind, our team invented a Facebook ID finding tool that helps you find FB IDs in bulk with just one click that saves a lot of your precious time.

Our tool interference is pretty easy to understand that a non-tech-savvy person can easily understand its usage.

Not just that, our Bulk Facebook ID finder is free for use. In each search, you can search 20+ URLs for free.

In SEO Tools’ got the need of a bulk Facebook ID finder and that’s the reason, we launched the  Bulk Facebook ID finder tool that allows you to search 20+ Facebook URls for free of cost.

Our Facebook ID finder tool that you can use to find the unique ID number of any Facebook profile. This tool is an excellent and easy way of finding the ID number for a Facebook profile that you java lost accidentally.

It doesn't matter whether the profile you're finding is your current Facebook friend or not; you can find the ID number of any Facebook profiles you want.

The tool is quick and straightforward to use, meaning that users can find the ID number for any Facebook profile in just a few clicks. This makes it an excellent choice for people who need to access this information quickly and easily.

Unlike other bulk facebook ID finders, we don't charge at all. You can search as many URLs as you want for free of cost.

Our Facebook Bulk ID finder works by searching through Facebook's public user profiles database. It allows you to search for people by name or email address and then exports the results to an Excel or CSV file.

You can see the city, state, country, gender, and age results. The tool also allows you to view the profile pictures of the people you find.

Curious? Want to know more about our tool features? Following are the main features that our Fb ID Finder tool contains:

  • Doesn't Require Registration: Tools that require you to sign up first are frustrating, RIGHT?

Such tools are frustrating because they demand you to use your email for the registration or sign up, which they later use to flood your email inbox with sales emails.

But we don’t require such registration or email sign-up from you at all. When we search FB IDs and open a tool to search FB Profile URLs in bulk, we only want to get the FB ID data.

And for this, we don't want to fill any registration form that asks you to put in your email and other info because it's frustrating and consumes your precious time.

Unfortunately, most free bulk Facebook URL finders demand you register yourself first.

However, unlike others, we don't demand you to register yourself. You can start using our tool right away.

  • Find Bulk IDs with one Click: Our tool can handle up to 20 Facebook Profile URLs at once. This means you can get the FB ID numbers of 20+ Fb profiles all at once.
  • No Installation Required: Our tool is an online tool that doesn't require any installation at all.
  • Safe and Secure ID Finder: Our tool is the safest and most secure FB ID finder that helps you find FB ID numbers of Facebook users with no hassle at all.
  • Superfast ID Tracking Speed: Our tool provides and extracts the Facebook IDs data from the provided profile URL in less than a blink of an eye which is super fast!
  • Easy to Use:  When using our tool, you will quickly understand how to use it. Its interference is easy to use and doesn't confuse you.
  • Free to Use: Unlike other bulk Facebook profile finders, we don't charge single money. Our tool is completely free to use that helps you find the ID numbers of FB profiles in no time!

Want to use our tool? But don't know how to do that? Following, we've curated a step-by-step easy to follow tutorial just for you:

  1. First, copy all of the URLs that you want to search.
  2. Go to: https://inseotools.com/bulk-facebook-id-finder
  3. Navigate to the Facebook ID finder tool page.
  4. Enter all of the Facebook profile URLs you are looking for in the search bar.
  5. Click on the "Get Facebook ID" button.
  6. You will get the ID numbers of all URLs that you entered into our tool in just one click.
  7. There you can see the "Export" button. Click on it and download the data in txt format.

That's it! But if you want to search for more Ids, there will be a "Try New URL" button. Click over it, and our Fb ID finder tool page will open up. From there you can repeat the same!

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We are a diverse group of business professionals. The company also specializes in marketing, web development, and graphic design.

Our tools are all of the highest quality, and we ensure that every user experience is a delightful one. We strive to provide 100% customer satisfaction with every release of SEO Tools.

Thousands of people trust In SEO Tools; it's one of the best online tools to make their lives easier.

In SEO Tools' is known for bringing ease into your life. We release tools to make your work more automated. Our every tool has made the manual work less.

Q1: Is our Bulk Facebook ID finder tool free?

A: You can use our Bulk Facebook ID finder tool to find as many FB profiles as you want without paying a single penny.

Q2: Does your tool provide accurate data?

A: Our tool extracts the accurate data displayed on the profile owner's FB profile. The tool by itself can not differentiate between what's fake and what's Right. So, if that's your concern, you have to cross-check the data manually.

Q3: Is your tool hard to use for non-tech-savvy persons?

A: No, it's not hard to use at all. Our tool has an easy-to-understand interference that makes it easier to use our tool without any hassle.