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About Bulk URL Shortener

The Free Bulk URL Shortener Tool By In SEO Tools

Short URLs in Bulk with Our Bulk URL Shortener for FREE!   

Want to Shorten Up Multiple Urls for Free? Then Just Copy All Urls and Paste them into Our Bulk Url Shortener Tool & Get Shortened URLs in no-time!

A bulk URL shortener is a tool that allows you to short multiple long and annoying URLs at one click. 

Whether you have tons of URLs to save in an excel sheet, you want to share in your marketing campaigns, you want to use them in your emails, or you want to share URLs on your Twitter handle, we know it's hard to hard to deal with long and messy URLs. 

Because long URLs are annoying, hard to share, take lots of space, and look so unprofessional at the same time. 

But thanks to a bulk URL shortener tool, it saves your time by shortening up multiple URLs all at once. 

You must be thinking, why would a person do that?

One needs to do that because long internet addresses are difficult for some people to remember. It is also difficult to share such long links on social media websites like Twitter and Facebook.

When you use our bulk URL shortener, all you need to do is type or paste a long URL into the relevant field of that service page. 

The tool then reduces the link automatically and displays the new shorter link on the same page. The new shortened URL can be copied and shared to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, or emails.

It comes in very handy if you are trying to get your links noticed or if you want to target people in a specific geographical location.

Long URLs are pretty complicated and messy to handle. Whether you put URLs in your marketing campaign, your email, or even in your text message, it looks scattered and takes a lot of space.  

To end this hassle, tons of URL shorteners came to the rescue, but they lack one big annoying thing to fix. Do you know what it was?

It was shortening URLs in bulk! 

All of them were lacking here. They all demand you to spend money and require you to put each URL manually, which is too time-consuming. 

However, a bulk URL shortener ends this hassle and makes it pretty easy. It helps you short multiple URLs in a single go — That's time-saving, isn't it?

Lengthy URL links take too much space and look messy and cluttered. People find a solution that brings ease into their lives in the market.

The solution was URL shortener tools! Such tools were so great that they could shorten the lengthy and messy-looking URL links. 

But there comes a problem that all of those URL shorteners were either paid to use or hard to understand. 

If these problems don’t pop up, then the URL shorteners lack the main feature, which is opening URLs in bulk, which means that these URL shorteners are not even able to short multiple URLs all at once,

That means that if you have multiple lengthy URLs and you want to shorten up all these URLs at once with these URLs shorteners, then you can not!

You have to shorten them up manually through those URL shorteners. But thanks to the In SEO Tools’, you don’t have to short multiple URLs one by one manually at all.

Our bulk URL shortener is powerful enough to allow you to short 20+ URLs with just one click. 

Not just that, our tool is easy to use and not paid at all, which means you can use our tool to shorten your URLs as many times as you want.

Our online free bulk URL shortener tool will help you save time, money, and work effort to create multiple short URLs with a single click. 

It is a great way to make your posts and tweets more readable, and it is very safe to use. Try it now!

You can access it from our free bulk URL shortener web page online. Using this tool allows you to save time and help the entire internet by reducing your carbon footprint.

The shortened URLs created by our bulk URL shortener is for pasting on forums, marketing campaigns or in social media posts. 

A shortened URL through our tool will enable you to attach links in your tweets without consuming extra space. Such links will bring the reader to the complete, original URL.

In SEO Tools' Free Bulk URL Shortener takes lengthy URLs and converts them into short and sweet URLs that are easy to handle.

This tool will automatically reduce your precious time by shortening multiple (Up to 20) URLs at once. 

You save money because our tool is free to use. You don’t frustrate because our tool is easy to understand and easy to use 

What more you get from our tool is that it doesn’t make you go through all those awful registration and sign up processes. 

You can simply, directly come to our tool and start pasting your multiple URLs in the search bar and hit the “Submit!” button right away. 

We got an edge over other URL shorteners because they are unable to short multiple URLs in a single go, however, we can short 20 URLs in a single search. 

Last but not least, unlike other URL shorteners, we are not limited at all. With our bulk URL shortener, you can sort multiple URLs in each search perfectly and we allow you to do this process as many times you want.

  • Converts Long URLs to Short and Sweet Urls: Our free bulk URL shortener tool allows you to convert long URLs into tiny URLs, making sharing your URLs easier.
  • Easy to Use in Your Email Marketing Campaigns: is essential for a business's advertising campaign. Yet, it has been shown that emails with long URLs have a significantly lower engagement rate than those with short links. 

Long URLs can intimidate your readers and make your email less likely to be opened. The first step to optimizing the perceived value of an email is to shorten your URLs using a URL shortener.

  • Makes Your Social Media Posts Look Elegant: Your followers scroll through their newsfeeds on their phones, and long URLs will take up too much space and cause them to lose interest. 

Using a URL shortener will make your links more appealing and increase the chance of your post being shared.

To create a short link with our bulk URL shortener tool.

  1. First, copy all of your desired URLs. 
  2. Now, type in the URLs you would like shortened in our Tool. (Make sure each URL should be in a separate line!)
  3. After this, do the captcha. 
  4. Now, click on the "Submit" button. 
  5. You will then be presented with your shortened links. Afterward, you can copy and paste these URLs onto your page or wherever you want them to be.

URLs can be entered manually or pasted from other sources like Excel, web clipboard, etc., via the "Paste URLs" button on top of the textbox. 

The Tool will automatically shorten the URLs and give you a preview of how they will appear on Twitter. 

At In SEO Tools',  we have 30+ employees and over 10+ dedicated developers working round the clock to develop and market various software. 

We are a company of business professionals from different domains and backgrounds. Besides SEO, they specialize in web development, marketing, and graphic design.

Every helpful tool we launch to the market is of the best quality, and we ensure that each user experience is excellent. Each product In SEO Tools' releases strives for 100% visitors satisfaction. 

Over million users from every where trust In SEO Tools, the developer of some of the best online tools to bring ease into lives.

Q1: What can our Bulk URL Shortener tool do?

A: In SEO Tool's URL, Shorten is a tool that can help you short multiple URLs with just one click. 

Q2: What's the main benefit of using a Bulk URL Shortener?

A: Here is a major benefit: Our tool saves your time!

Q3: Where can you use shortened URLs?

A: You can use shortened URLs in your marketing campaigns, Ads, etc.