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About Class C Ip Checker

We cannot understand what Class C IP means without first understanding what an IP address is. Just like human beings have unique home addresses that make it easier to find them, devices connected to the internet are each assigned a unique address known as an Internet Protocol (IP) address. IP addresses are 32-bit binary addresses divided into four blocks of numbers separated by a period. Each block can range from 0 to 255. Thus all IP addresses fall in the range of – They also have two parts, with the first part identifying the network, and the second part the host or node. It is through IP addresses that another machine connected to the internet can communicate with your machine. Allowing them to send and receive files, and messages from each other.

There are only two types of IP addresses, IPv4 and IPv6. Of the two IPv4 is usually the most commonly used type of IP address. IPv4 is divided into five classes ranging from A to E.



Starting Address

Ending Address



This class ranges from 0 to 127 in the first byte

These are usually allocated to large companies such as Google.


This class ranges from 128 to 191 in the first byte

These are usually allocated to medium-sized companies such as Google.


This class ranges from 192 to 223 in the first byte

These are usually allocated to small companies such as Google.


This class ranges from 224 to 239 in the first byte

These are usually booked for multicast addressing.


This class ranges from 240 to 255 in the first byte

These are usually booked for scientific studies.

Thus Class C IP addresses are any IPs that fall in the – range. Class C IP addresses are currently the most used IPs on the internet. Most internet service providers usually buy a large collection of IP addresses and then assign them to their customer’s domain. In some situations, you may find that the same Class C IP address is assigned to two different domains. This is where a Class C IP address checker comes in.

A Class C IP Checker tool is used to determine which other domains are sharing the same Class C IP. This tool, will usually tell you the name of the host, its IP address, and its Class C IP address. You see, most hosting service providers are assigned class C IP addresses, which they then assign to their customers.

In most cases, hosting service providers usually give dynamic addresses to their clients in the public sector. This is mainly because dynamic addresses are cheaper since they are shared making them more popular with the general public.

Dynamic Class C IP addresses mean they can be shared across multiple nodes. Thus, sometimes you may find that the same Class C IP is assigned to the same domain. Thus, if your web domain has a dynamic Class C IP address, this could cause a problem in your SEO ranking.

Since Class C IP addresses are used for most websites. They are usually more focused on by search engines. This makes it easier and faster for search engines to process backlinks in this class much easier and faster. This helps Class C IPs get better rankings on search engines.

However, the fact that it is easier for search engines to do backlink research can get you into trouble. The problem comes in when backlinks have the same Class C IP address, this can cause them to suspicious to search engines, particularly if one of the sites sharing the IP is a spam site. Thus, by using a Class C IP address checker can take a look into the sites they are sharing an IP address.

Furthermore, with this information, a user can confidently assess who their neighbors are. Sharing an IP address with another website especially one doing questionable things can cause your website to be blacklisted. Think of it this way, if your closest friends are doing something questionable, then chances are people will suspect that you are also doing the same questionable actions.

When it comes to blacklisting sites, search engines use both the site's IP addresses and domain names to blacklist the site. Thus if your site shares a Class C IP address with a site that performs unacceptable activities. It can get your site blacklisted by association, which can have some devastating consequences to your business.

Hence with a Class C IP checker, once a user has figured out which domains they share a Class C IP with. They can figure out which sites they are and see if they are dangerous or not. With all the tools available on the internet, users can quickly figure out everything about the sites they share an IP with. If they find something they do not like about their neighboring sites. They can then request to switch their domain’s IP if they find their neighborhood to be surrounded by dangerous neighbors.

Therefore with a Class C IP Checker tool, users can ensure that in case, they happen to share a Class C IP address with another domain, it does not put them in danger of getting blacklisted.

Our Class C IP Checker Tool is pretty straightforward to use. You do not need to have any specialized knowledge to handle this tool. Our Class C IP checker tool was created to help users check out if they share their Class C IP address with any other domains. Since it was created to help people, this tool is completely free of charge to use.

Here are the steps you should follow when using our tool.

  • Go to the In SEO Tools website.
  • Select the Class C IP Checker tool.
  • Key in your domain name in the text is, or you can simply copy and paste a URL into the text area.
  • Kindly note if you want to check numerous domains at once, enter each domain name or URL in a separate line. Our Class C IP checker allows you to enter up to 40 domain names or URLs at once.
  • Click on the reCAPTCHA checkbox to prove you are not a robot.
  • Click on the Submit button.
  • In seconds, the tool will bring you the hostname, its IP address, and its Class C IP.
  • If you plan to check more domains. Click the Try New URL button to open a new Text Area box.

The fact is this tool will help you collect your results in a matter of seconds. This will allow a user to strategically use class C IP addresses to improve their SEO.

When you buy a new hosting service for your website, you will want to know how many other sites share the same Class C IP address as you. Our In SEO Tool’s Class C IP Checker tool can help you get this information. Thus with our tool, you can analyze the sites sharing the same Class C IP as you.

Thus with this information, a user can figure out if their neighborhood is good or if it is full of sleazy and spammy sites that could get you in trouble with search engines and get you unnecessarily blacklisted.

Therefore, with our tool, users can find comfort in the knowledge that the sites they are sharing an IP with do not get them in trouble and get them banned from search engines.