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About Domain Authority Checker

What is Domain Authority Checker? Why is it Important for your website?

Today, millions of websites compete for a higher rank on Google. This ongoing competition has catapulted creators into coming up with ways to improve their marketing plans. Some companies refer to Domain Authority Checker (DA checker) to analyze and incorporate their results in their digital strategies.

But, what is this metric? Does it really improve your ranking? Domain Authority is a beneficial metric to compare the status of a website with its similar competitors. Just a heads up that it isn’t a ranking factor for Google.

In this article, we will understand the fundamentals of domain authority, what it is and what you need to know to improve it.

Developed by MOZ, Domain Authority Checker is a metric that helps businesses figure out where they lie on the search engine results page. Before we jump into this topic, we believe that it’s crucial that we clear out the fact that Google doesn’t use DA as a ranking factor when they decide how to rank websites.

DA metric helps you predict how likely it is for a domain to appear in the SERPs as compared to other competing sites. With time, more brands have developed a version to analyze this metric like Domain Authority Checker by IN SEO Tools and Ahrefs. This tool uses data from your backlinks, referring domains, and search traffic to decide the authority score. Although this may not be an official ranking used by Google, it is still a smart tool that lets you know your site’s health.

The Moz rank's Domain Authority search engine ranking depicted scores from 1 to 100. The higher the number, the greater the probability of higher results in SERPs.

The IN SEO Tools metric takes into account both the quantity and quality of links that are in the database of a webpage. For example - let’s say a page has backlinks from high authority sites like Google, Wikipedia, government institutions, or magazines then it will have a higher chance of having a better DA.

Thus, it’s often advised to brands that in relation to the industry they serve, it would be beneficial to get some backlinks using our tool " backlinks generator ".

A local business may prefer being linked by a newspaper or magazine as those links are highly valuable to the audience they serve. The identification process of good domain authority Checker varies from business to business. Ultimately, it’s about sketching a layout that analyzes your top competitors and deriving tailored conclusions to your own website.

On INSEOTools, you can easily examine your Domain Authority Checker score for free with this smart tool. All you have to do is enter your domain’s root URL and before you know it, your webpages’ DA score will appear automatically!

This smart tool provides other features such as a Backlink Checker, Domain Rating Checker, and Website SEO checker. IN SEO Tools is a platform packed with SEO features that will help you rank your website higher and make solid conversions.

DA measures the probability of an entire web domain to rank in the SERPs. On the other hand, Page Authority  ( PA ) focuses specifically on the probability of ranking each of the pages of the website individually. This will give you a good indicator of the performance of individual pages like blog posts or product pages and analyze what needs to be altered to achieve a better score.

The PA score can help you prioritize and map out your next actions to develop within your digital strategy. These will be determined based on the pages with the most scope of improvement.

So which one to focus on? It is often said that investing in domain authority Checker will be more fruitful in the long term. After a significant time, it will help you earn more inbound traffic due to the enhanced ranking potential. So, DA requires a significant portion of your time and if ignored might stifle your campaign growth.

Meanwhile, optimizing only the domain authority Checker while neglecting the page authority is a viable long-term strategy. As you can first work on building the overall brand. Through this approach, you will have some pages that will stand out naturally, attract more links and authority on auto-pilot.

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room - How to increase DA Score? We will undertake a 3 step approach that will help you seal the deal and gain high DA.

Set up your Site

Before jumping into other things it’s crucial to ensure that your website is set up properly. So it’s crucial to have optimized on-page content that helps your site load quickly. As phone consumption is growing, the stakeholder must also ensure with mobile friendly checker that the site is compatible with mobile devices.

You can also follow this checklist:

  1. Don’t ignore the internal links as they bait the search engines like google. The fundamental way to do that would be to ensure your anchor text matches the page being linked.
  2. While curating your website it’s a must to test it for mobile friendliness. Mobile optimized sites offer a smoother and unique experience. Remember this will also impact your chances of securing backlinks.
  3. No one likes slow sites so ensure your site is swift and loads quickly. Slow sites often trigger high bounce rates and this is considered unfavorable by Google & other search engines.

Build high-quality backlinks

If domain authority Checker is a movie, then backlinks are the main star. The higher the backlinks your page has, the higher would be your score. IN SEO Tools also offer you various backlink features like Moz Backlink Checker and Backlink Maker.

How do you gain more backlinks?

1. Create Valuable Content

The only way authoritative websites will link your website is if your content is valuable and unique. Thus, invest significant time in creating blogs, videos. You will soon start to see the results of these efforts roll in.

2. Promote it

Simply putting out great content is not enough. You must actively promote it to your email lists and social media followings. This will help you garner an active audience and might boat the chances of your website getting linked.

3. Link-Building Strategy

Now that you have the first two pointers clearly, you’ll notice a little traction on your web content. However, you will have to undertake a more proactive approach in order to build links. How? You can contact some authoritative sites in your niche/industry and ask them to link you.

4. Try Guest Blogging

You can guest blog for reputable sites and curate backlinks for your domain. As the guests may enjoy the content you post and would click on your site for similar content.

Bye Low-Quality Backlinks

Not all links offer the same value. High-quality links drive your backlink score. A quality link is one that comes from reputable sites. Links from unknown sources and spammy sites are considered low quality.

Domain authority Checker is a crucial marketing metric as it boosts your brand through a robust SEO strategy. It’s important to remember that this metric predicts success, it’s not necessary that you will be successful. Thus, boosting your score shouldn’t be the only end goal.

You can check our IN SEO Tools’ Domain Authority checker to analyze your domain score. Follow these steps and incorporate them into your strategy to enhance your site health. You will soon notice a significant push in your DA score and site rankings improving!