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AAFP Home | American Academy of Family Physicians
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American Academy of Family Physicians represents 127,600 family physicians, residents, & students, providing advocacy, education, patient & practice resources.
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aafp, american academy of family physicians


<H1> Your Partner in Patient-first Care </H1>
<H1> New & Noteworthy </H1>
<H2> Upcoming Events </H2>
<H2> See Yourself Here </H2>
<H2> Advocate for Family Medicine </H2>
<H2> Advancing Your Specialty </H2>
<H2> What Does an AAFP Membership Provide? </H2>
<H2> AAFP Affiliates & Partnerships </H2>
<H3> Communities count on family physicians. Family physicians count on AAFP. </H3>
<H3> AAFP Leadership Conference (ACLF/NCCL) </H3>
<H3> Chief Resident Leadership Development Program </H3>
<H3> Care of Cardiovascular Conditions Livestream  </H3>
<H3> Stay Up to Date </H3>
<H3> Make Connections </H3>
<H3> Save Money </H3>
<H3> Strengthen Your Voice </H3>
<H3> The AAFP and its affiliate organizations work closely together to advance the specialty of family medicine.   </H3>

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AAFP Home | American Academy of Family Physicians


American Academy of Family Physicians represents 127,600 family physicians, residents, & students, providing advocacy, education, patient & practice resources.

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Managing Your CareerInternal LinksDofollow
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Lifestyle & IncomeInternal LinksDofollow
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Rotations & ElectivesInternal LinksDofollow
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Become Unstoppable at FMXInternal LinksDofollow
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