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Safeguarding your PDF documents with a strong password has become the norm these days to safeguard your files. For example, a bank statement or a phone bill may contain personal details. Therefore, you can safeguard private details with a password. That way, the document’s receiver will be able to make any necessary changes to the document only when you grant them permission.

If you don’t want to do this manually, you can do so. Are you searching for the most effective way to safeguard your PDF files from any unauthorized access? Why don’t you try using our Encrypt PDF tool? This free online tool will enable you to safeguard your PDF documents by applying a password for access.

Encryption is the use of the mathematical system to make details secret from anybody not authorized to use it. Encryption utilizes a secret key to scramble data in files so only those with the right key can see them.

Encrypt PDF is, thus, the encryption of PDF documents, the result of which is an encrypted PDF document.

Take note that encryption keys are often taken from passwords. Nonetheless, passwords are a poor option for encryption keys. It doesn’t matter what the strength of the encryption algorithm is, especially if the implementation isn’t safe.

Here are some of the obvious reasons you should protect your PDF files with an Encrypt PDF tool:

  • Protect the original work

It’s as simple as a few clicks, a move like copy and paste or rick-click and download it on the device to have the same work without the consent of the author. It’s considered your responsibility to take any form of work without the right to access it.

Further, the fear of becoming a phishing victim and scams lead to a small problem due to copyright protection and PDF digital rights management controls. An encrypted PDF enables you to take full access, including disabling copying, printing, and sharing the document.

It’s a smart move to encrypt documents before they run out of your hand. You will also need those strong tools to stop unnecessary activities and to restore your work.

  • It stays confidential

Government agencies, businesses, medical diagnostics, and banks typically utilize an encrypted PDF. It creates high security by including a password intended to prevent unofficial users from accessing the produced documents.

An encrypted PDF provides numerous options intended to protect the entire document, including digital signatures and watermarks. It also stops any users from facing scams and phishing, pretending to be trusted in relevant activities.

Advanced PDF encryption tools from IN SEO Tools are the solution for keeping confidential files. Create a high-security profile—the stronger your password, the better!

  • Be trusted in your work ethics

An encrypted PDF document provides a secure profile for confidential and sensitive documents. Thus, it allows you to equip different forms necessary to handle it efficiently. That includes setting a password to stop leaks in other devices.

Keep in mind that having discipline in dealing with encrypted files results in reliable document ownership. For instance, viewing and editing it only when required is a good option. Choosing the right people to access it comfortably is useful to avoid unusual operations.

  • Manage your documents properly

The virtual world constantly grows as technology advances. There, you will find numerous types of online consumers. One of the best features of a PDF encryption tool is it allows you to manage your files efficiently.

It enables you to monitor and control access like setting authorized editors, viewers, and commenters in your PDF files. What’s more, it functions to check any suspicious actions, stopping possible threats to the document with security standards.

When we talk about setting a password for your PDF documents, you can go for either the Owner Password or the Open Password.

  • Owner Password – This password is relatively weak and can be cracked through bypass tools.

  • Open Password – This password is composed of long length and random characters. If you make a password with various numbers, alphabets, and special characters, it would be categorized as an Open Password. This one is the most challenging password to crack.

Here are some of the features you can expect when you start using our Encrypt PDF tool:

  • Works on all web browsers

Our online PDF encryption tool will work on nearly all devices to set strong passwords for your PDF documents. You would be able to utilize this tool on your Linux, Mac, Windows, and even on your mobile devices. Our tool supports all platforms, given you have a device connected to a strong internet connection with a web browser installed in it.

  • Strong encryption for maximum security

We employed only the best encryption standards for protecting your file, so it stays uncrackable. Our strong encryption algorithms would make the most out of your PDF files’ security. Compared to most encrypted PDF document online tools out there, the passwords set up by our tool can never be bypassed.

  • High encryption level for utmost protection

You will find various levels of encryptions utilized by various software. The one from IN SEO Tools utilized the 256-bit AES, making the passwords set up by our tool impossible to crack. On top of that, the passwords set by our PDF encryption tool would be impossible to bypass.

  • Cloud processing

Keep in mind that our web app runs on our powerful cloud servers. Thus, it will not need to be installed on your computer or laptop. The whole encryption process is performed on the cloud as well.

Our tool will also not require any of your local system resources to set the password for the PDF.

You should use a password on it. When setting up a password on your PDF file, you should be smart in setting it. Make sure it’s secure and do not place them anywhere. It will also help if you settle on a strong password. The longer, the better.

Further, handle the rules for you and your colleagues on securing the password.

100% yes! You see, PDF encryption stops people who are not approved from using a PDF file. However, those who are permitted to use it can decrypt it and do whatever they want with it—copy it, edit it, print it, send it to their friends, and so much more.

In other scenarios—such as moving financial information for computer processing—encryption offers all the requirements. However, to safeguard information in published documents, you need added controls to actively stop a user who is approved to see the PDF from misusing the documents.

The American government approved an algorithm referred to as AES for securing US government confidential data. It has two key lengths, 256 bit and 128 bit. Other algorithms may be accessible in PDF encryption software, but they don’t have the recommendation from the American government.

It’s suggested that you use the AES 256 bit. The AES 128 bit has a strong key schedule, but the AES 256 bit is more resistant to brute force attacks.

With our free encryption PDF tool, you can conveniently set up any of the two passwords as per your preferences to protect your PDF documents. However, we suggest that you go for Open Passwords for the best protection of your PDF documents.