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Scroll below to learn and understand everything about EPUBs and PDFs and what the process of conversion entails.

E-pub is a stylization for electronic publication. It is a re-flowable, open-standard e-book format that is used to publish, store, and read books in electronic format.

The main advantage of e-pub is that it is layout agnostic. This is to mean that when displaying content, EPUB adjusts the size of the content to fit the screen of the device being used to view it. This way, one does not have to zoom in or out to have a better reading experience.

This feature coupled with the provision of screen-reading make EPUB an interactive e-book format that offers readers a high level of flexibility. However, you may have specific needs that may dictate using a different document format like PDF to store, access, or share files. In such a case, you may need to convert your files to PDF if they are in EPUB format.

The following are some specific reasons why you may need to convert your EPUB files to PDF format.

Depending on your specific needs, there are several reasons why you may want to convert your EPUB files to PDF format. They include;

  1. PDF files are more compatible with various programs on different devices. Therefore, they can easily be accessed. On the other hand, EPUB files can only be accessed using designated ebook readers or other special programs. This makes their accessibility limited.

  2. In instances where you need to obtain the physical copies of an e-book, it is preferable to use the ones in PDF format as opposed to EPUB format. This is because PDFs preserve the original elements and formatting of a file therefore making them suitable for printing.

  3. PDF files offer more security than EPUB files. You can easily control who has access to it by setting a password to protect the file. EPUB files have provision for DBR protection. However, they are not as optimized for security control as PDF are. Therefore, converting EPUB to PDF may be your best choice if you need optimal security for your files.

  4. Besides security passwords, PDF also allows for digital signatures. By being able to sign your PDF files, you are able to prove and preserve the authenticity of a document long after it is produced.

  5. On a general scale, PDFs are more popular than EPUB. Therefore, it would be better to have books in PDF format if you wish to share them with many people. This is because more people are more likely to have programs that facilitate access to PDFs as opposed to EPUB files. PDFs also have more extensibility than EPUBs.

  6. While EPUBs may have several merits including being layout agnostic, PDF files are more versatile than EPUBs. PDFs can support actions such as annotating and highlighting whereas EPUB cannot support that. With PDFs, you can also make adjustments to fonts and layouts. This makes PDFs more preferable if you need to access such features.

  7. While there are several merits of the EPUB format, it is fairly rigid as it has stringent rules that make the process of creating an EPUB file difficult. On the other hand, the PDF format is platform independent. This means that it is not encoded with data that is individualized to the program used to create it. This provides more flexibility.

Converting your e-pub files to PDF format is a fairly straightforward process. However, you must be very careful when trying to find a tool to facilitate that conversion. This is because some programs do not work properly and can produce a damaged file that is not usable.

The conversion may also involve uploading the EPUB file you intend to convert then later downloading the converted file online. If a site is not secure and protected, you may end up downloading a virus or malware.

Another threat that you have to pay attention to when trying to convert your EPUB files to PDF format is the confidentiality of your files. You have to use a converter that allows you to delete the files after successful conversion. This is because if the site retains files in their servers, someone might access them and use them without your consent.

Therefore, it is important to use a trustworthy EPUB to PDF converter that will give you a high quality PDF file for your use, protect you from external malware, and provide automated deletion. This is because even you forget to manually delete the uploaded files, they will still be deleted automatically.

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  3. Optimal security: Like all other tools we provide, our converter has automated deletion. This means that when you upload your EPUB file to the converter, the file is automatically deleted after successful conversion. Therefore, even if you have forgotten to manually delete the file, it is eliminated and cannot be accessed or shared without your consent or knowledge.

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Between EPUBs and PDFs, there is necessarily no format that is superior to the other. Rather, it is your unique individual needs that inform your preference for either EPUB or PDF. Therefore, if your needs dictate that you convert EPUB files to PDF format, then we got you.

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