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Our Image Pencil Effect online software is a professional photo editing application. With it, you will become a true master at creating pencil sketches from your photos. This is a professional Image Pencil Effect application that turns your photos into black and white or color pencil drawings. And the tool is very simple to use: Select a photo from the gallery or take a picture, choose your custom setting and generate a pencil sketch or drawing effect. The Image Pencil Effect editor will surprise you-the final artistic photos will be gorgeous.

An Image Pencil Effect is obtained by replacing dark tones with layered tinting of densely applied strokes that form solid areas of color. As a result, the dark areas of the photo are replaced with strokes, thereby transforming the photo into an image that mimics a pencil drawing. Our Image Pencil Effect editor provides settings (Level steps, Line thickness, Line density, Lightness, etc.) that allow you to apply an Image Pencil Effect online to every photo and still achieve excellent results. With our tool, you don't have to spend a dive and go through the long process of learning photo-image-editing in tools like photoshop (below, we will share with you the long process of Image Pencil Effect in photoshop). Moreover, to achieve the result you obtain with our tool in less than 5 minutes, you have to work on photoshop for at least 20 minutes. 

  • Easy to use effective application.
  • 100% Free.
  • Great artistic Image Pencil Effect editor.
  • The best effects of black and white and color pencil drawings.
  • Available: color pencil drawing, cartoon effect, black and white pencil drawing, sketch, etc.
  • A variety of color and pencil drawing effects.

#1. A good design is easy to remember

Most of the time, we remember a particular element of a brand. Maybe it's a particular color, shape, or text. As a company, you want consumers to recognize your brand the second they see a graphic element of the brand, and our Image Pencil Effect is a great tool that will help your business stand out from the crowd.

Moreover, it is also important that all graphic elements are consistent across all channels. In order to maintain consistency in all the designs in your communication, it is useful to develop a graphic manual. 

#2. Communicate with your visitor.

With graphic design (banner, logo, Image Pencil Effect, infographics), you communicate with your visitor; you tell them what feeling you want your website to convey through different colors and shapes. If social media are an integral part of your business, images will be an integral part of your online marketing plan. It is absolutely imperative that when using any type of social media to represent your business, all images (Image Pencil Effect, for example) and infographics you use are 100% clean. When we talk about 100% clean, we mean that the images must be of the highest quality. Thanks to our Image Pencil Effect free online software, you can create stunning graphics in seconds. 

#3.  Get people to choose your product.

Creating a logo, Image Pencil Effect or building a brand visually takes a lot of planning and research. This is how you will communicate and connect with your customers/visitors; being recognized because of their logo, color combinations, Image Pencil Effect arts, or for example, fonts is a goal for many businesses. If you look at leading brands like Coca-cola, Apple, Red Bull, Mercedes, they are some of the biggest firms in the world, and they have succeeded in doing just that!

In this section, you will learn how to create an Image Pencil Effect in photoshop. A long, paid, and hard process. Feel free to simplify your life by using our Image Pencil Effect tool; it is free.

#1. Image preparation. 

The image below is the photo we are using in this lesson. In my opinion, it is better to use a large photo. In this example, we are going to use a 3693 x 2462 px image. You can improve your skills if you want by experimenting with photos of different sizes. You can also simplify your life by using our image pencil effect for free

image before pencil effect

#2.  Image Pencil Effect: Convert the image to Smart Object

We'll create the effect using a non-destructive method (safe path) that uses a minimum number of Photoshop's layers and allows for additional adjustments at any time. Here are steps to follow: First, convert our original image into a Smart Object by going to layers ->Convert to Smart Object (click the layer and right-click, you will see the option to convert the layer to smart object). This method allows you to apply Smart Filters (Smart Object), whose settings you can change at any time (you may alter the Image Pencil Effect later). Smart Objects can be identified by the icon that appears in the bottom right corner of the layer thumbnail, like in the image below. Feel free to experiment with contrast. Before you get to the next part, try increasing or decreasing the contrast of the image to enhance/reduce the shadows/lights in the photo. 

edit image in photoshop pencil effect

#3. Creating strokes

Duplicate the layer twice, then rename the Outline, Left Diagonal Strokes, and Right Diagonal Strokes layers, naming the layers from top to bottom, respectively. Hide the visibility of the top two layers and move to the bottom layer. Being on the lowest layer, go to Filter - Filter Gallery. In the Sketch folder, select the Graphic Pen filter; in the Stroke Direction settings, set the Right Diagonal option, then adjust the Stroke length and Light/dark balance settings. Click OK to apply the settings. 

Make Left Diagonal Strokes visible while on this layer, repeat the previous step, but this time set the Left Diagonal option in the Stroke direction setting.

#4.  Reduce the opacity and image Correction

Now, reduce the opacity of the current Left Diagonal Strokes layer to 50%. 

What we have so far: 

Image Pencil Effect result

Now we'll add an outline. Make the third layer Outline visible; while on this layer, go to Filter - Stylize - Find Edges. Change the blending mode of the image for this layer to Multiply. On the image, individual color shades have appeared, which are not very attractive. Therefore, we should get rid of the color shades in the next step.

#5.  Add the Desaturate filter

You can't add the Desaturate filter or the Hue/Saturation filter directly to the Smart Object, but you can add them as adjustment layers through Layers - New Adjustment Layer. Another interesting way is to use Layer styles to discolor the layer. Personally, I prefer this method because it doesn't require adding an additional layer. To discolor, use Layer styles, apply the Color Overlay option, go to Layer - Layer Styles - Color Overlay. Set the color to black, white, or gray, then change the blending mode to Color. Click OK to apply the settings, and the colors will disappear! 

image pencil effect final result photoshop

We can stop here. But we will take think further (Add colors). 

#6. Adding Color

To make the colors reappear, duplicate the Outline layer, then remove the layer styles and the smart filter by going to Layer - Layer Styles - Clear Layer Styles and then Layer - Smart Filters - Clear Smart Filters. Change the blending mode for this duplicate layer to Color, rename the layer to "Color," and we're done with this tutorial.

adding colors to image pencil effect

It took me more than 20 minutes to complete this process with adobe photoshop. I could have saved that time by using's Image Pencil Effect Software (Less than 10 minutes to achieve a better result). 

Sketch Drawer helps you convert photos into pencil sketches and turn digital photos into pencil sketches in seconds. It will prove useful for getting a colorful hand-drawn drawing from ordinary photos. Our online Image Pencil Effect can lay down perfect pencil strokes. It will be fun for everyone to turn photos into sketches.

Converting photos into pencil sketches is not difficult even for the average person. With the help of an online tool, you create beautiful sketches in minutes: Our Image Pencil Effect online software is quick and easy to use. The Custom features (Level steps, Line alpha, Line thickness, Line density, Lightness, etc.) of our tool make it easy to convert photos into pencil or hand sketches, creating cutting edge drawings in seconds. With this Image Pencil Effect tool, you can create black-and-white and color sketches. If you want different types of blends, presses, and strokes, feel free to change the options of our Image Pencil Effect software. All of these features will help you create masterpieces. It will look like chalk, watercolor, charcoal, chalk, pastel, pen ink, and pencil creation. 

Thank you for reading this article about Image Pencil Effect online software: a simple, fast and easy way to create fantastic graphics for your digital marketing and personal need. Feel free to check the other SEO and digital marketing tools available on our site by clicking here.