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About Keyword Position Checker

The Free Keyword Position Checker By In SEO Tools

Get to know about your targeted keywords or website ranking position in Google, Bing, or Yahoo absolutely for free!

Our keyword position check lets you monitor the keyword ranking position in google on mobile and desktop. For this, you can check it through keyword, URL or Domain.

No doubt that each website or PPC contains moves with keyword research. With keyword research, you can't execute any SEO marketing campaign appropriately.

The aim of conducting keyword research is to target those keywords in the SEO marketing strategy that is high in search volume, highly profitable, and less competitive. So, as a result, the whole SEO or PPC campaign strategy brings valuable results to the table.

For this purpose, we first conduct keyword research (that you can do through our keyword suggestion tool), and then later, we use those keywords in our marketing and website content strategy.

But you can't leave your implemented SOE marketing strategy anyway, RIGHT?

To make your SEO campaign effective and successful, you have to keep monitoring the insights and analyze which keywords are performing well, which ones are just mediocre performing, and which ones are stuck and not performing.

In short, you need to check where your keywords are ranking in Google. So, by keyword position, we mean your keyword's position in the search engine.

SEO campaigns effectiveness and performance are monitored by checking where your keywords are ranked in search engines.

In SEO Tools present you the keywords position checker that helps you find at which place your keyword is ranking.

We don't just tell you the ranking position of your keyword position; we give you a lot of other data insights such as search volume, traffic, competitors' keywords, etc.

Thinking, why should you use a keyword position checking tool? You should use our tool if you need to know the metrics of:

  • The keywords that you targeted in a specific SEO or PPC campaign
  • You want to analyze your competitors keywords ranking position

In SEO Tools, Keyword Position or Keyword Rank Checker tool is developed to detect where your keyword is positioned in Google.

Here, we are excited to mention that our keyword checker tool not only tells you the insights of your keyword, you can also extract the keyword ranking data insights of any keyword, domain, or domain you search in our tool.

And you get it all for Free… Yes, no charges at all!

So, yeah, with our keyword position checker tool, you can conduct an in-depth analysis of your own and competitors' keyword positions that gives you in-depth data insights.

So, you know enough about our keyword position checking tool now. But are you still confused about who this tool is made for?

For your clarity, if you belong to one of the below-mentioned categories, this tool is designed for you:


If you're an agency owner whose primary service is SEO, then our keyword rank checker tool is just here to vanish your hassle of checking keyword positions of zillions of websites in just a few seconds.

You can do your work much more smoothly and efficiently!

Business Owner Or Individual Service Provider

Whether you're an individual physical or digital product/ service provider or a business owner, your digital presence or website is your primary focus.

Because it simply brings leads, sales conversions, and ROI!

To make your business's website discoverable, when you implement an SEO strategy, you will need a keyword rank checker tool that determines the performance and effectiveness of your SEO strategy so you can better understand what you should improve next!

In-House Digital Marketers & SEO Consultants

Our keyword position checker tool is the perfect time-saving one-stop solution for all in-house digital marketers and SEO consultants out there.

If your daily work involves monitoring the performance of previously implemented SEO marketing strategies, then our keyword position tool is made to serve you.

Because it shows you all of your own and your competitors' metrics comparatively in one place.

Here are the main features that highlight our keyword effectiveness:

• Accurate Enough Google Ranking Real-Time Data

With our keyword position ranking tool, you can monitor the keyword rankings, domain ranking, or even subdomain banking daily.

• Check Your Keyword Position Locally or Internationally (Desktop or Mobile too!)

You can check the keyword position in your region and around the globe. Not just that, our keyword position checker tool allows you to check it by desktop or mobile wise too.

• Explore All Those Hidden But Crucial Competitors

Your competitors can not hide from you anymore! Because In SEO Tools Keyword Position Checker gives you the metrics that allow you to extract, explore and be aware of all of your direct or indirect competitors in no time.

• Keywords Organized!

Are you one of those who are always cluttered and overwhelmed with tons of keywords and their metrics? If so, then no messy and unorganized keywords anymore!

Our keyword position checker tool gives you metrics data organized that doesn't make you confused at all.

• Get Informed When Your Keyword Position Changes

Every market that runs a campaign is always after to know when their targeted keyword's position gets changed?

Are you also from one of those?

Want to get notified when your keyword position changes? If so, then we are here to do it for you. Every time your keyword ranking position changes, we will notify you.

• Performance Report Straight in Your Mail!

Performance monitoring and reporting is a crucial part of any SEO marketing campaign. In such regard, if you want to get a performance report, you can sketch=udele it so that we can deliver it straight to your mailbox.

Here are the benefits that you will get when you use our keyword position checker tool:

Quick Results

With us, getting the results of any specific website is much easier than ever before. You can get all of your desired results in less than 5 seconds. All you need is to put in all the details and hit the button. Numerous results will pop up on your screen in a few seconds.

No-Error, Accurate Results

Accurate keyword data is standing behind every result-driven, successful, and influential SEO campaign. Without accurate real-time information, you can't beat your competitors.

Thanks to our keyword position checker that provides you real-time accurate keyword data metrics extracted straight from Google. Bing and yahoo bring excellent results. So, little to no chance of getting incorrect keyword data at all!

Multiple Keyword Features

At In SEO Tool, you don't just get the position ranking metrics of keywords; you get much more than that! Our tool gives you more data such as keyword search volume, keyword difficulty, keyword trend, etc. that sets us apart from others.

Check Your Keyword Position for Mobile, Desktop, Locally, or Internationally

Our keyword rank checker allows you not just to search the position of your keywords in specific regions or globally. It also allows you to check the keyword position for mobile and desktop users.

Want to know how to check the keyword ranking position through our tool? Then no worries. Follow the following 5 easy steps to know the keyword position of your desired competitor or for yourself:

Step 1: Go to and then head to the keyword position checker tool.

Step 2: Here, enter your URL in the domain name search bar.

Step 3: Select your desired search engine (such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo!) from which you want to see your insights. You can also select the TLDs too depending upon your target country.

Step 4: Now, enter the keyword to know where your keyword is ranked in the search engine. Make sure for precise results; you should use only one keyword for one line.

Step 5: After putting all the details in, hit the "Check Position" button!

You will get more than 20 results quickly!

Q1: Is your keyword position checker tool free?

A: Yes, it's completely free! The best part is that it gives tons of in-depth metrics data to check your keyword ranking position and keyword search volume, difficulty, CPC, etc., for free of cost!

Q2: Why should you check keyword position?

A: Checking your keyword position helps you know the performance of your own or your competitor's SEO strategy. You can detect

Q3: Is checking your keyword position help you reach your objectives?

A: Absolutely, yes! If you check your keyword position, you will get a better idea of your marketing campaign performance than whether it is going well or badly.

You will know which practices are not bringing the results to the table, which eventually helps you reach your rng goals.