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About Keyword Suggestion Tool

The Free Keyword Suggestion Tool By In SEO Tools

Get Ranking Keyword Suggestions for Your SEO, PPC & Google Ad Campaigns for FREE!

Just Enter Your Seed Keyword, Select Your Targeted Country and Hit the Search Button. You’ll Get Multiple Keywords Suggestions With In-Depth Insights that Helps You Pick the Ranking & Result-Driving Keyword for Your SEO & PPC Campaigns!

We all know, people put a term or keyword in the search bar to search information in search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo, and then in search results, tons of websites that answer the intention of the searched keyword pop up.

In the digital world, Keyword Research is the foundation of any online business. Keyword research is conducted to extract profitable keywords with good search volume and low competition to use in your Website SEO and PPC campaigns.

Conducting keyword research is essential because you will use the extracted keywords in your Website SEO or PPC campaigns that help Google identify that you exist, answer people's queries, and solve people's problems.

So, when people search for a keyword relevant to your niche or topic, your website pops up in search results, and your website starts getting visitors.

Yes, people are afraid to do keyword research. The 3 main reasons that it is hectic activity are:

  1. Most keyword research tools were expensive and not free to use.
  2. The free ones don't provide in-depth insights providing tools.
  3. It's almost impossible and hard to do keyword research manually because the human brain doesn't have enough deep search volume or keyword difficulty data.

(But no more worries! “In SEO Tools” is here to wipe away all your problems!)

In SEO Tools’ team decided to bring ease to your life. Our professionals developed a free-to-use keyword research tool with in-depth insights and don't have to brainstorm keyword ideas humanly.

So, yeah, you don't have to be afraid of using keyword research anymore!

Our tool is easy to use, doesn't cost you a single penny, and provides extensive data insights with multiple keyword suggestions for each search you do!

Thinking about why you should use our keyword suggestion tool?

It's a no-brainer that keyword research is the topmost essential and first part of any paid or organic marketing campaign.

But the problem begins when all quality keyword suggestion tools demand a heavy amount of money, RIGHT?

If you go and search out some free keyword suggestion tools, you will be frustrated to see that all they provide the information is limited and unreliable.

Or, Sometimes, you will be disappointed because you will get little to no good keyword suggestions for your PPC campaigns.

(Which is sad and awful!)

So, which option you'll pick in such a situation?

Option No.1: Should you go into debt to borrow money from someone to buy those heavily costly keyword suggestion tools?

Option No.2: Should you rely on such limited and low-quality data providing nominal keyword suggestion tools?


Option No.3: Should you head over to our keyword suggestion tool that provides you numerous keywords suggestions with in-depth data insights such as competition level, estimated CPC, and much more with no cost at all?

So, the question comes again, which option you’ll pick?

Of course, you should pick us! Because we're a Free Google Keyword Planner alternative + we do care about your money and hassles!

You want to pick us, but you are confused about where we get our keywords data? What are our data sources?
Let us clear your confusion in seconds. Our primary data sources are Google, Yahoo, and Bing keyword research APIs.
Yes, you get it right… Our data is directly extracted from Google, Yahoo, and BING!

Want to know what more our keyword suggestion tool can do for you:? Following we've listed below:

    1. Much Faster & Easy To Use
Unlike numerous keyword research tools available in the market, our keyword suggestion tool is easy to use and works fast.

Means you just need to put seed keywords, select your targeted country and select your industry, and presto! You will get enough keyword suggestions in a blink of an eye.

    2. Yup, It's Free but Provides Quality Data!
The big plus point of our tool is that it doesn't ask you to pay money. It's free. Don't worry! We don't provide limited or poor data that is of no use.

When you search your keyword in our tool, you will get 100+ keyword suggestions and in-depth quality data with additional data insights such as CPC, keyword competitiveness, etc.

    3. You Can Get The Keyword Suggestions For Your Targeted Country
No matter whether you do keyword research for your Website, Google Ad, or BING AD, you will always target a specific area on the globe, RIGHT?

In our keyword suggestion tool, you can target a specific region and get keyword suggestions for that region for absolutely no money at all!

    4. You Can Also Get Worldwide Results!
You don't want to target a specific region on the globe? OK, cool. No problem! Our tool can still help you out because our tool allows you to get international keyword suggestions too!

    5. More PPC Keywords Data Insights
Are you about to run a PPC campaign, and you're looking for some good, high search volume yet low competitive keyword suggestions? Then our keyword suggestion tool is here to assist you.

We're not other keyword suggestion tool providers who are unwilling to provide you with Good PPC keyword suggestions for free!

We care about you and your PPC campaigns, and just because of this, we give you access to tons of PPC keyword suggestions for free of cost that you can use in your PPC campaigns to make them more successful. 

    6. It's Accurate!
We extract keyword suggestions and insights data directly from Google's & BING's API. So yup, our tool is accurate!

    7. Perfect & Free Alternative of Google Keyword Planner!
Google Keyword Planner was created by Google officially. Due to this, it is considered the topmost accurate source for keyword research and suggestions.

But again, its free version is minimal and doesn't provide you with enough quantitative data. It demands that you run a campaign to reveal its full data features.

But don't get sad! Our tool provides data to you that is directly extracted from the Google/Google keyword planner and BING APIs.

It's a perfect free alternative to Google keyword planner that you can use for your keyword research purposes.

    8. It's also a Keywords Analysis Tool!
Analyzing your keywords is an essential part of your keyword research. It lets you figure out which keyword is more profitable, which one is more competitive and which one is less.

Our tool fulfills this need, too, as it demonstrates all the data of tons of suggested keywords in front of you so you can analyze the data and pick for your marketing SEO and PPC campaigns.

    9. Identify Relevant & Popular Keywords
With this feature, you can identify keywords relevant to your topic or search. Not just that, we also tell you which keywords are famous in search.

    10. End-to-End Keyword Research Tool!
SEO Tools' Keyword Suggestion Tool comes up with all the essential features needed to conduct keyword research.

From search volume to CPC, from relevant keywords to most popular keywords in search, regional to international keyword suggestions (and much more!), we are a complete one-stop keyword research tool solution for you.

    11. Check & Track Record Keyword's Insights
You can check and keep a track record of how a specific keyword's insights change from time to time.

Our keyword suggestion tool is easy to work with. All you need is to:

  1. Head over to our keyword suggestion tool's search bar.
  2. Put in your seed keyword.
  3. Select your targeted country.
  4. Hit the search button!
  5. In a few milliseconds, we will pop up relevant keyword suggestions in front of your screen.

Here, you'll not only get various keyword suggestions that include long-tail and short-tail keywords multiple variations, but you will also get advanced and deep data such as search volume of Google, Yahoo, or BING!

Q1: Is your keyword suggestion tool Free or Paid?
A: Our keyword suggestion tool is entirely free to use, which means you can take a long list of keyword suggestions without paying a single penny.

Q2: Is your tool the best alternative to Google Keyword Planner?
A: Yes, our keyword suggestion tool is the best alternative that you can use to extract profitable keywords for your paid or organic marketing campaigns.

Q3: Does your keyword suggestion tool provide accurate data?
A:  Our data sources are Google and BING's API, where we extract keyword suggestions and other crucial data such as CPC, search volume competitiveness, etc., directly. So absolutely yes! We do provide accurate data.