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To use Line Counter, Paste test in the given textarea box below and this tool will show you how many lines are there in your text or word document.

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About Line Counter

If you’re a writer or someone who often deals with lengthy documents, the line counter tool is something you would definitely have used. How else were you going to count the lines in those super lengthy documents? Moreover, when it comes to proposals, the word count is always limited; you can’t exceed the specified number of words, lines, and characters. Authors and content writers, too, face these issues when clients demand books or articles with a specific word requirement.

While the word count of short documents, articles, and books are easy to track, lengthy ones can really take up a lot of your time and effort. Moreover, the result may not be accurate - that’s a whole different issue! Instead of struggling with counting the number of lines in documents (and ending up with a wrong count), it's better to use a line counter tool! And when it comes to tools, you can totally rely on InSEO!

The InSEO counter tool is a simple, free, and easy solution to your woes. You no longer have to spend hours counting lines; the tool would do it in a few seconds. All you need to do is copy the entire content you wish to analyze,  paste it in the tool, and you’re good to go! The line counter tool will deliver quick results, and you’ll know the exact count of lines or even words and characters in your text. 

Basically, anyone who deals with huge documents can benefit from the line counter tool. Some of the most common applications of the counter tool are:


Even a programmer can use the line counter tool to measure the size of their codes. It also helps quantify the effort put in by a developer to create a particular program. Moreover, it helps understand the productivity of the program and the maintenance it would require once the software is finally made.

Writers and Bloggers

The tool is also helpful for writers and bloggers, who wish to know the number of lines, words, or characters in their articles or blogs. In an article, the lines rich in quantity are indicative of the fact that the work is informative and has been researched thoroughly before publishing. Besides, it helps us understand whether we need to add more lines or reduce lines and modify text accordingly. The tool will quickly allow you to count the precise number of lines in your document and will deliver accurate results.

Articles, poems, novels - all come with word and character limits. For example while, a poem has a restriction of forty lines, the ideal character count per line for a novel is around 67. These are guidelines that, when adhered to, make reading and comprehending simple for readers. In such cases, a tool is very handy if you wish to keep track of words and lines in the article, poem, or novel.

Essay Writers

The line counter tool is also helpful for essay writers. For essays, the ideal line count is 3 to 8 lines per paragraph. This is the most important rule to be followed in essay writing. The line counter tool will help count the exact number of lines and words, helping you stick to the rule for essays.


As a teacher, checking assignments for many students is no easy task. Assignments, too, come with guidelines, word, and line restrictions. To know whether your students have adhered to the guidelines, you have two options. Either you manually examine every submitted assignment or you run it through the counter tool! The second option is far more feasible and time-saving, and you can get done with checking assignments in no time! Moreover, the accuracy will not be compromised either, thanks to the reliable InSeo line counter tool.

Social Media 

Every social media platform comes with its own word restrictions. You need to write whatever you wish to convey in very few words, depending on the platform you choose. If you choose Twitter, you have a 280-character limit; the platform expects you to be precise in whatever you write. Similarly, Facebook is suitable for longer posts but still comes with a word limit. 

The line counter can help you keep track of the word limits for different social media platforms. You can then add, delete, or modify your content accordingly before you post it on your social media. You can check the content requirements of comments, status/stories, or posts and edit the number of words accordingly. 

The counter tool is also suitable for creating short text messages. Text messages, too, come with a word limit, which makes it essential for us to keep track of words before we send out the messages. The tool helps with text messages as well, helping you keep count of words and characters in the message before you hit send.

The line counter tool is super reliable and delivers results with accuracy. With this, you won’t need to recheck the output given by the tool and can continue with your work based on the results acquired. Additionally, the tool is super flexible. It does not limit your creativity in any way, but rather helps you improve your writing. 

The tool is also great to work in writing short, concise content. It helps you keep track of the number of words and characters, allowing you to be crisp and clear in the content you create. Thanks to the tool, you can write longer sentences with limited characters without changing the meaning of what you are trying to convey. You can also write longer phrases in shorter lines to abide by the guidelines you’ve been given. All in all, the line counter tool is just what you require to write while keeping track of your client requirements.

The InSEO line counter tool has a super simple user interface. Besides, it delivers results in no time. All you have to do is copy the text and paste it into the tool. In a few seconds, the tool would deliver accurate results. 

The line counter tool is a very beneficial and time-saving tool for busy professionals, writers, teachers, authors, and even social media managers who cannot afford to spend time counting the word and characters for their content. Even students can use the counter tool to keep track of the words in their assignments, ensuring their work follows the guidelines given.

If you, too, deal with long-form content often, you need to try using the line counter tool. It delivers accurate results that you don't have to cross-check either. The user-friendly setup makes it all the easier to use the tool. So, why waste time doing a monotonous task like counting words when you can use the line counter tool to get it done in no time? InSEO tools are reliable, simple, accurate, and time-saving as well!