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If you want to find out your IP address, then you've come to the right place. Our Cutting-edge my IP address tool provides your IP address information. In addition to the IP address, our my Ip address software will also list information about the city, the state (region), the country and the ISP (internet service provider) of your Ip.

Furthermore, with our My IP Address tool, the latitude (that is, the geographical degree of latitude) and the longitude (that is, the geographical degree of longitude) are given. Finally, our my IP address gives the country code to which the IP address is registered.

However, what exactly is an IP address-the numbers you see when you use this My IP Address online tool, and what is the difference between a private IP and a public IP? Well, you will get the answers to these questions (and more) if your read our my IP article until the end. We'll tell you the most important things you need to know about IP addresses and their special features.

An Internet Protocol Address (IP address) is an identification code consisting of four blocks of numbers from 0 to 255 that is assigned to each device in a computer network- an example address might be At least, this is what the address looks like using the IPv4 standard, which enables around 4.3 billion IPs. In the future, however, IPv4 on the Internet is likely to give way to the IPv6 standard and its alphanumeric hexadecimal notation with numbers and letters. We will dive deeper into the IPV4 and IPv6 in the sections below.

All data sent over the Internet (e-mail, web page information, multimedia...) are grouped into packets and sent between interconnected devices (computers, routers, servers), each of which must also have its own unique IP address.

Most Internet users probably know that when they are surfing different sites, chat rooms, and forums or trying gambling for free, they leave some information after their stay. At first glance, there is nothing wrong here. But it all depends on the actions the user performs online since the information about him, once in the hands of attackers, can be used for mercenary purposes. The main risk is when passwords to various accounts are stolen: email, social networks, ICQ.

The following are the benefits of Knowing your IP address (with the help of our My IP Address tool):

  • You can use our my IP address tool and identify your data- for example- if you want to work on secured networks or sites, the administrators of these platforms may need your IP address.
  • Knowing your Ip address (which you can obtain easily with this My Ip address free tool) is beneficial if you want to determine important personal information. It can be your internet service provider or your approximate location. Our my IP address software delivers all those details and more (latitude, longitude, and more).
  • If you want to hide traces of your online presence, you will also have to know your Ip address by using my IP Address tool and hide it. Various proxy servers and anonymizers are used for this purpose.

Users are often surprised to learn that obtaining their IP number, for good measure, is an extremely easy task. By using our my IP address tool, you get this data in seconds. In fact, most of the sites we visit on the internet will know our IP address. The same is true even for blogs on WordPress. Probably many of us have been in a situation when writing too temperamental comments on some blog resulted in a ban. Thanks to our my IP address free tool, you will know your address and change it by using a VPN.

What, on the other hand, might be the specific results of sharing the address obtained by using my Ip address tool with someone? The spectrum of possible consequences is wide and varied.

#1: someone may collect information about you

Sounds innocent? And yet. For obvious reasons, not everyone will like leaving behind a "digital footprint" from which a complete stranger can read a lot of intimate information about you.

In a nutshell, a digital footprint is a record of online activity. There are two types of digital footprints:

  • Active: Here, the issue is all the information we share about ourselves in a completely conscious way, e.g., through various types of social networks, professional networks, etc. The great news is that you can use our my IP address online tool in order to know and hide your online activity.
  • Passive: Here, the issue turns out to be more problematic because a passive digital footprint is often a series of information that we are convinced remains known only to ourselves. Some examples are cookies, geolocation, and social media likes, shares, and comments. These data are used to profile you, and you can avoid that by using this My Ip address free online tool.

Additionally, access to your IP address and digital footprint details in some cases may significantly facilitate more advanced and much more dangerous attacks on our privacy.

#2: Blocking access to certain functions/content on the network

About my Ip address: The example with blog comments was already mentioned above. It should be added that even an intermediate Hacker who know your Address can block your access to certain content or functions. Fortunate, this kind of situation does not happen very often. You can avoid it at any time by using our My IP Address software.

#3: DoS attacks

In this case, the risk is also theoretically negligible for individual users. Why? Generally, the targets are large corporations, well-known web portals, e-commerce platforms. Generally, hackers have no interest in attacking a private user's network in such a sophisticated way. However, even here, unlikely does not mean impossible.

There are good reasons for wanting to hide your public IP, hence use this My IP Address online software. Firstly, websites can use it - as already mentioned - to access your private data and determine your approximate location, for example. Secondly, your own Internet service provider always has access to the list of websites you have visited - at least in theory.

You can hide your public or private IP address by routing the Internet connection through a proxy server or a VPN server. Afterwards, your connection can usually only be traced back to this server, which in turn has its own address. Alternatively, you can also use browsers like Tor browser, firefox, or Whonix to conceal your own IP.

If you asked yourself the question, "What is my IP address?" you most likely meant your current, public IP.

This is temporarily assigned to the router by your ISP. However, since the number of addresses is limited, they are distributed among all users who are currently online. As a result, routers usually get a different public IP for each new Internet session. And it is this IP that can be determined by using this my IP address tool.

Apart from the public IP, which represents a device in the worldwide data network, there is also the private IP. This is assigned by your router and allocated to the individual computers, but also to other devices in your network - such as your smartphone, notebook, or smart TV.

What is IPv4?

IPv4 is a well-known acronym for Internet Protocol version 4. It is the original version of the Internet protocol that was first deployed in 1983 on the ARPANET. An IPv4 address is expressed as a 32-bit integer value and is written in decimal format, consisting of four-octet groups of eight address values independently expressed in decimal numbers and separated by dots. The ranges always start from 0 to 255. It is used in packet-switched networks for seamless operation. IPV4 is the Format used by Our My IP Address tool.

What is an IPv6 address?

IPv6 (Internet Protocol Version 6) is an update to IPv4. The IP Address version 6 is a network-layer protocol that allows data packets to be transmitted over a network. It implies sending and receiving data in the form of packets between 2 nodes on a network. IPv6 was introduced to replace IPv4 and is often referred to as the "Next Generation Internet" because of its advanced capabilities and growth in recent years.

Is my IP address public or private?

To check if your IP address is public, you can use (or similar sites). With our My IP address online tool, you will be shown the IP address that was used to access our site.

What is my IP address and port?

You can obtain these data by typing "netstat -a" your computer's command prompt and pressing the enter button. If you are not computer savvy, use our my IP address tool for free.

Who gives my IP address?

The address you obtain by using our my IP address tool is assigned to your device (mobile or pc) by your ISP.