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About Network Speed Tester

The Free Network Speed Testing Tool By In SEO Tools

Check Your Internet’s Downloading and Uploading Speed For Free!

You Can Check Your Network’s Uploading and Downloading speed With In SEO Tools’ Network Speed Tester Tool with just a simple click at no cost at all! 

A network speed tester tool is a software program that uses your home/office internet connection to measure the bandwidth and latency. 

It allows you to compare your speeds with other users and determine what speeds others are getting for their ISP, location and connection type.

It also lets you test the performance of various services on the web by using different servers located worldwide. 

Internet speed is an essential aspect of surfing the web in this day and age. If your speeds are too slow, it'll take forever for you to load a website. 

Or if latency is high, pages will load, but they'll take a long to display correctly. The faster your connection is, and the lower the latency, the better your overall browsing experience will be.

A network speed tester tool is a valuable asset in the modern world because everyone needs fast speeds when they go online. 

It allows you to check your speed from home, find out which web service gives you the best download and upload speeds, and more.

If you're looking to upgrade your home internet connection, knowing the speed of your current one is very important. 

It also lets you know if there's something wrong with it, like a slow network or weak signals. If that happens, then you'll be able to get in touch with your ISP and let them handle things for you.

Ever wonder how fast your internet speed is? If you have not, you probably haven't got the experience of using the seamless and fast internet downloading and uploading speed in your life.

If you haven't and want to change your internet connection, then before switching, you must know your connection speed. 

Despite this, when you are surfing the internet, and things start running slower than usual, then that's the time you should use a to test your internet speed.

It will test your IP address and give you the results of tests, including download speed and upload speeds. 

The primary purpose or goal of using this tool is to be used as an indicator to determine the allowable bandwidth for your internet connection. 

So, you can have a projected idea of what will happen if your data allowance is reached for the month.

If your download speed is 0, it means that either it has been purposefully blocked or blocklisted by your internet service provider. This shows how easy this tool is to use and what you can do.

You put a few things on downloading but after some time, you realize that those things are stuck and not downloading. 

Next, you jump to your browser and try to load a video, and all you get is endless buffering.

(Pretty Frustrating, RIGHT?)

You didn't lose hope and tried your luck again by surfing different sites, and unfortunately, all those sites didn't get loaded at all.

In such a situation, what are you going to do? 

Of course, you will check your internet speed. For this, you need a network speed tester tool.

Don't know a reliable network speed tester tool? If you don't remember a single internet speed test tool, then our tool is the RIGHT option for you. 

Though there are tons of network speed checkers available, all of them offer their internet speed checking services for a high cost.

If they are not charging big money, then either they want you to go through that awful registration or sign up process, or they spend a lot of time to tell you your internet speed. 

If everything goes fine, the tool itself is hard to use, and the network testing results are even harder to understand. 

In SEO Tools' saw all of these struggles, and that's when we brought our network speed tester tool into the market. 

Our tool provides the best network speed tester tool that analyzes your internet data and tells you how fast your internet connection is.

Thanks to its simple and user-friendly interface that gives you all information about your current downloading and uploading speeds without any confusion at all.

What more you get from our tool is that you save tons of money. Yeah, you heard it RIGHT!

Our tool is free of cost, which means you can check your network's downloading and uploading Speed in Kb/s without breaking your financials at all.  

In SEO Tools' Free Network Speed Tester Tool is a free web-based tool that will measure your internet connection speed in seconds by analyzing the data.

The network speed tester tool will help you find out if your internet connection can download or upload data at relatively high speeds.

In SEO Tools' Free Network Speed Tester tool has the following main features: 

  1. Network Speed Results with Just One Click: You can check your internet's Speed (Downloading and Uploading Speed) just by clicking on a "Start Test" button. Nothing else. 
  2. Easy To Use & Easy to Understand: Our tool interference is pretty easy to use and understand, which helps you run your network speed test quickly. 
  3. Free of Cost: Our tool is free to use, which means we let you run network speed tests free of cost!
  4. Check Network Speed Unlimitedly: Our network speed tester allows you to run tests as many times as you want. 
  5. No Signup & Registration Needed: You can come to our site and start running your internet speed test straightway. 

Unlike other network speed tester tools, we don't make you go through that awful signup and registration process at all. 

Network speed test is essential because some factors will affect your internet connection speed, and those factors are: 

  • The distance between your computer and web hosts
  • Your ISP's network capacity
  • Your ISP's routing to web hosts
  • The ISPs in your area

By testing your internet speed, you can know whether or not your internet connection performs well when transferring files and data with other computers on the internet.

For this, you need to test your internet connection downloading and uploading speed, and that's the point where our tool steps in. 

Our tool helps you by letting you test your internet's uploading and downloading speed quickly. 

Are you unfamiliar with the terms Downloading Speed or Uploading speed that we have used above several times? Then you're not the only one! 

We have been there too. However, now we know all these terms, and we've listed both of them below so you can understand your internet speed results better. 

Downloading Speed

Download speed is a measure of how fast data can be downloaded from a source to a computer. This is usually measured in bits per second (bps). Download speeds are usually much faster than upload speeds.

Upload Speed

The Upload Speed is the rate at which a device sends data to another device. Data that travels over the internet, such as website pages or email attachments, will be uploaded into cyberspace by the user's computer.


Mbps is an acronym for Megabits Per Second, and it means the speed at which data travels on your Internet connection. Maximum rates vary depending on the type of technology, distance from the provider's equipment, and other factors.


Kb/s is an acronym for KiloBits Per Second, and it means the speed at which data travels on your Internet connection. Maximum rates vary depending on the type of technology, distance from the provider's equipment, and other factors.

Do you want to use our network speed test tool to test your internet's downloading and uploading speed but don't know how to use our tool? If that sounds like you, then no problem! Below, we have curated a step-by-step tutorial just for you:

  1. First, go to 
  2. You'll see our tool with a "Start Test" button there. Press that button. 
  3. Now, wait for a few seconds and let the tool test your internet's downloading and uploading speed. You'll see the "Test Running" status at the place of the "Start Test" button.
  4. After a few seconds, our tool will allow your downloading and uploading internet speed to be displaced in kb/s.  

Q1: What does In SEO Tools' network tester tool do?
A: Our tool is an online network tester tool that tells you your internet downloading and uploading speed in kb/s. 

Q2: Is it true that your network speed test tool is unlimitedly Free?
A: Our tool is free and unlimited to use. Means you can test your internet's downloading and uploading speed as many times as you want. 

Q3: Is our tool testing internet network speed fastly?
A: Yes! When you run our network speed tester tool, our tool displays your internet's downloading and uploading speed within a few seconds.