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HTML rules the modern world, hence, the need for Online HTML Editor. True, if you ask what it takes to become a web developer, they will tell you all about JavaScript, frameworks, Python, etc. But it's HTML that holds it all together.

There is no Internet without HTML, and you need to know how to edit it if you want to create websites. But editing in Sublime Text or Visual Studio can be too complicated if you're not working on a large project. For simple projects, there are more suitable services which we will talk about now: Online HTML Editor.

Our Online HTML Editor comes with every feature you can think of. Want to type in a different text color? Well,'s HTML editor tool got you covered. The same goes for Lorem-Ipsum generator, special characters, video and inserting, HTML tables, etc. Our HTML Editor is 100% free. No fees, no ads, just familiar WYSIWYG HTML text with simple design at your fingertips. Here is a shortlist of some key additional features of this Online HTML Editor:

  • WYSIWYG Editing;
  • Special characters;
  • Fullscreen HTML editing;
  • Text indentation and alignment;
  • HTML code compression;
  • Print option;
  • Links insertion; 
  • All standard text editing (Italic, bold, alignment, quotes, font size, etc.);
  • Font selection;
  • Emotion insertion;
  • Find and replace; 
  • Clear formatting;

And more. 

Our Online HTML Editor quickly creates documents and provides standard formatting options you may need for your work. As we said earlier, it also supports full-screen mode, designed for distraction-free work. Here is How to edit HTML with our editor Online. 

  • Insert your text or HTML code you want to edit;
  • HTML will be automatically rendered for viewing and editing right away and vice versa. 
  • Add, change text, insert images, modify styles in the online WYSIWYG Online HTML Editor. 
  • Copy the edited HTML back to your device.

Now that you are familiar with our Online HTML Editor, we think it will be absolutely amazing to share with you the categories of HTML editors, the advantages of HTML, and more. 

HTML means "HyperText Markup Language". It is a language that allows to compose a web page. It is a markup language and not a programming language because the purpose of HTML is to frame the different elements present in a page (images, titles, paragraphs ...) by tags to allow them to be formatted secondarily (via a style sheet) and to give them meaning. Most Online HTML Editor features CSS code editing. 

Web pages are composed of raw text, perfectly readable with any text editor, in which we will find the tags. These tags usually work in pairs, because as we said, they are used to frame an element. There is, therefore, an opening tag to indicate the beginning of an element and a closing tag to indicate the end. More about an Online HTML Editor!

HTML Tags and Attributes

Let's take, for example, a paragraph of text. It is the "p" tag that is used to demarcate a paragraph in the middle of a larger text. The opening tag is written as <p> and the closing tag </p>. You will notice that at the HTML level - Online HTML Editor, there is nothing to say how the text framed by these 2 tags should be presented: should it be bold? Should it be in italics? What are the color and sizes of the letters? Let try to answer these questions in the following paragraph (<p> </p>) of our article about Editors.  

At the beginning of HTML, all this information was contained in the tags. But little by little, as the language evolved, it became clear that it was extremely relevant to separate content and appearance. HTML has therefore been progressively purged of all elements related to the style to be applied, but it has, on the other hand, gained a lot in semantic elements. These elements (tags or attributes within tags) have made it possible to increase and specify the meaning to be given to each element contained in the page. In our Online HTML Editor, it is very easy to create and edit these tags and attributes within tags. Today, a good HTML code, a good HTML page, is therefore composed of a code that makes the best use of all the HTML tags available and is necessary to make the most precise description possible of the elements contained. On the other hand, it must not contain anything concerning the style of these elements, which are integrated into the style sheet. In the next section of this article about an Online HTML Editor, you will learn more about the most popular Categories of HTML editors. 

When talking about Online HTML Editor (and offline editors), you should know that there are two main categories: 

  • Textual HTML editor, 
  • and WYSIWYG editor.

WYSIWYG editor

Note that WYSIWYG means "what you see is what you get." This type of editor is programmed to offer a more or less easy editing interface: drag and drop. In this sense, while editing your code with this Editor, you will be able to see a rendering identical to what the user will see when the site goes live. For people who are just starting out in the world of coding, the WYSIWYG Online HTML Editor is the most suitable. You will easily become familiar with the creation of comments in HTML and the aesthetic aspects of your blog.

The second category is the textual HTML editor.

The word cannot be more explicit; the use of this model requires a very good knowledge of codes, and especially the mastery of the different symbols and commands to succeed in creating a quality page. The use of this Online HTML Editor is therefore aimed at experienced web developers.

Although the design is much more time-consuming and complicated in this category, the difficulties are compensated by the possibility of customizing your project at a fast pace. The best Online Code Editor thus depends on your specific needs in relation to the objective you expect for your website. 

Creating a website can be tedious and time-consuming. Tools such as code editor ease the site's designing process. They are designed to help you write your code but also to allow you to solve any problems you may encounter in the process.

In addition, our Online HTML Editor ensures that your website is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. The Editor is also designed to help you identify errors in your code. You don't have to scroll through hundreds of lines of code to find the error.

One of the key advantages of an Online Code Editor is that it can work directly in the browser. When using separate editors, such as Notepad or SublimeText, you have to save changes to your written markup into a separate file, load it into your browser, view it, and then return to the editor to make changes, which is quite inconvenient.

The Online HTML Editor dynamically updates as you write markup and make changes, so there is no need to switch between windows. Some individual editors like ours offer live previews, but they are not as convenient. For example, the Live Preview feature in Adobe Brackets allows you to open a separate window in the Chrome browser that automatically displays the changes you've made to the code. However, the functionality still requires switching between windows and only works with Chrome (default browser).

If you are interested in programming, you may know the site This site features an Code Editor that allows you to write HTML code and see the result immediately. In that, it serves the same purpose as an HTML text editor but is even more practical, especially when you want to test a piece of code quickly or for course demonstrations.

However, keep in mind that they are also limited because there are several things you will not be able to do in terms of development with these sites. Amongst these, we would note that you will not be able to execute PHP code or any code using a so-called server-side language. Moreover, with Online HTML Editor, you will not be able to create several pages and link them together (as is the case when you have to create a site) or at least not for free.

Having a helping hand to write code more efficiently and faster is becoming an absolute must today. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a beginner, Code editor can be your best friend. Apart from functionality, it can be difficult to choose the best HTML editor for you, considering all the great choices available. However, our Online HTML Editor will be a great asset in your coding journey.