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About Open Graph Checker

If you have a website or a blog, you must always be worried about the traffic and reach of your site. What if we tell you that there is a fantastic SEO tool to help your websites get the visibility they deserve? Yes, we're talking about Open Graph Checkers! It is nothing but a free online tool that's super beneficial for bloggers and website owners. It allows you to check open graph tags while giving you an overview of valid implemented tags. Before we get into how the open graph checker tool functions, let's first understand what the tool exactly is.

Launched back in 2010 by Facebook, open graph checker is an essential tool that helps integrate your website with Facebook and other social media platforms such as Twitter as well. It helps your website leverage social media traffic, thus optimizing your site's visibility as well. This tool is all the more beneficial for small businesses on Facebook, reeling under fierce competition. Every business out there, big or small, is trying to boost its visibility. 

No doubt, it takes a lot of effort to build a website from scratch. Even if you have a website that's excellent in all aspects, it's no good if you cannot garner a good number of followers. Apart from your website itself, social media pages are also a great way to improve the reach of your business. To further enhance the visibility, you would have to rely on additional tools, such as open graph checkers to ensure optimal results. 

Without any doubt, an open graph checker is a fantastic website management tool that can increase your engagement to a whole new level. It is an internet protocol that standardizes the use of metadata within the webpage. This helps represent the content on the web page effectively on different social media platforms. Apart from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn also recognize open graph meta tags. Using the correct meta tags can have a significant impact on your click-through rates as well as conversion.

To check the implementation on your website, open graph checker downloads the source code from any given URL. Once the source code is available, the open graph check then looks for open graph tags in the source code. As a code may not be possible for everyone to read, the tool helps convert them into a simple, readable format. 

This whole process barely requires any time and is completed in a few seconds. Also, the tool does not affect the functionality of your website in any way but instead works simultaneously to derive results as required. The InSEO Open Graph Checker is a practical, easy tool to help you with the whole implementation process - so if you've been looking for a reliable tool, you know what to choose!

Ideally, you need to check the open graph implementation whenever you incorporate any changes on your web page. Also, whenever you create a new webpage, you need to run the test to check your open graph implementation. You can also test the implementation to check its validity. Make sure you give the important web pages a regular, thorough check.

The InSEO open graph check tool is free and allows you to run tests as frequently as required. So at no cost at all, you can use this tool to ensure that the performance of your website is up to the mark. 

The reason is simple - not everyone has the skills to run the elaborate implementation process of open graph tags by themselves! And more importantly, it can be a time-consuming process. Instead of wasting your time and effort in understanding the process, you can opt for two options - either opt for the services of a web developer who can help you implement the process or run the procedure with the help of the InSEO tool! The latter is a lot easier and convenient for us - and most importantly, it's free! So choose well!

The three most popular Facebook meta tags are og: title, og: image, and og: description. The name of tags suggests their functionality, so the og: title tag is used to define the title of your content. If it's not defined in the website's code, Facebook alternatively uses the meta title tag.

Og: image is the most interesting and effective OG tag. When you use this tag on an image on your website, that image will be displayed as the thumbnail whenever anyone shares your website. Likewise, the og: description tag helps to pull more visitors to your website by raising their interest in your website. Along with these tags, there are also some other advanced tags such as og:site_name, og: video,og: audio and even og: locale. 

The OG tags work similarly on their social media platforms, helping you amplify the presence of your business. 

The Tool Does Not Harm Your Website

The InSEO open graph check tool doesn't harm your website in any way. In fact, it helps you analyze its performance and enhance it. The tool will just run a test to download and analyze the source code of any webpage and does not crawl your entire website, so there won't be any lag in the load time or data transfer rate as well. So you can keep all your worries aside and use the open graph check tool to improve the performance of your website.

The Tool Works With Most Websites

The open graph checker tool works with most websites, but there could be some issues with JavaScript-based sites. Also, the tool may not function well if there are specific server configurations. But the chances of this happening are pretty low, and the tool works just fine with 99% of websites.

Using the InSEO OG checker tool is super easy. First, pick the website you wish to run the test on. Next, navigate to the InSEO page and open the tool. You'll be asked for the website URL you want the OG tool to check. The tool will then take a few moments to check, and if it finds any tags it will immediately display on the screen. If there are no tags, the tool will display a message on the screen.

You can also use the tool to check the websites of your competitor websites and find out the tags they are using. So if your competitor's website has been doing well, you know exactly what tags they are using to get an advantage over other websites, including yours.

If you've been wondering why your website isn't yielding desired results, it's time you run it through the open graph checker. The tool will help you understand exactly which tags you need to use to drive traffic to your business. Developing tags is no easy task, but you can get your job done in no time with the right set of tools. Merely aiming to secure a top Google page ranking is not enough - you also need to leverage social media pages to boost the visibility of your pages. This would help you get an edge over your business competitors.