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Search Engine Optimization

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For companies to enhance their long-term brand awareness and expand their target audience through strategies that bring them revenue on auto-pilot, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a must.

Brands require SEO because it’s one of the most viable and cost-effective ways to recognize and reach ideal customers in moments that matter. This is where Small SEO Tools comes in. We combine the best digital marketing trends according to your strategy to curate an impactful online presence for your brand.

As consumers shift online, even the most traditional businesses realize that they need to accelerate the shift to digital. SEO is the most convenient way to reach ideal clients and craft a strong brand presence.

Small SEO Tools is a data-driven platform on a mission to promote search engine optimization. It provides its users with a broad palette of tools to help small businesses grow.

The goal is simple. We aim to promote the importance of SEO and provide users with a range of easy-to-use tools that help in SEO analysis and critical SEO monitoring. Every day, we help thousands of small business owners, web admins, and SEO experts improve and enhance their digital presence with our smart tools.

Plagiarism Checker

One of the most fundamental ways your content can rank on Google is if it’s unique and plagiarism-free. The Small SEO Tools Plagiarism Checker scans your text over billions of web pages and documents online. Whether you’re a business, student, or blogger, this tool is perfect for anyone who seeks to curate one-of-a-kind content.

The software compares your text with existing content indexed on various search engines.

The best part? None of the data entered is stored in our database. Plus, unlike the opt-for-premium traps suggested by other sites, our software is entirely free to use.

Article Rewriter

If you create content regularly, you know it’s not an easy task. Creating content requires time, effort, top-level expertise, and excellent English skills. Our Article Rewriter Tool is a free online article rewriter software that can easily draft and whip up unique content.

Online Text Editor

Today, people from all over the world are involved in writing tasks. They prepare and edit their files using MS Word. However, software like these often come at a price or require to be installed on a compatible device for usage.

Small SEO Tools is a complete package when it comes to text editing and content features. All you have to do is copy-paste your text, and you can edit any text within a few minutes.

The platform also offers features like converting uppercase to lowercase, tiny text/small text generator, and grammar checks for a 360-degree editing experience.

Word Count Tool & Character Count Tool

Want to know how many words or characters there are in a text?

Our Word Count Tool can help calculate the real-time number of words and characters you’re typing and help you ensure that you adhere to the word limit. It’s an excellent tool for writers and bloggers!

What is My IP Address

Devices like laptops and smartphones connect to a local network using a router via ethernet cable and wirelessly via WiFi. Each device has a private IP address identity in its local network and an external/public IP address.

IP address stands for Internet Protocol. This protocol refers to connectivity regulations and protocols of a country and is used to communicate data through a network of combined packages. An IP address number uniquely identifies a specific network interface of any device connected via it.

Knowing your IP is necessary to configure Internet services such as games, serves, FTP, etc., hosted on your system. Our What is My IP Address tool is perfect for those who wish to find their IP Address.

Meta Tag Generator

A Meta Tag is an information tag added to the HTML code of each page. This informational tag provides relevant information about the categorization of that web page. This information can only be accessed once you scan through the source code.

Meta tags are not visible on the web page unless someone searches for them. But when these Meta Tags are well placed, they help push the page on the Google search engine- thus making your page appear on top for those looking for you.

Small SEO Tools’ Meta Tag Generator helps generate smart meta tags which will give your page the push it deserves. Not only that, but you can also analyze the meta tags in the source code of any website through our Meta Tag Analyzer Tool.

Keyword Rank Checker

Keywords are one of the best ways to organically position your page on a search engine and directly reach your target audience. However, it’s crucial to know that simply using keywords won’t cut it. You need to select niche-specific keywords that resonate with your industry.

Small SEO Tools’ Keyword Rank Checker can quickly help you track the position and growth of your keywords. We have another tool that enables you to check the keyword density of a particular page. To help your content reach a broader range of audiences, we recommend keywords tailored to your content!

Robots.txt Generator

Robots.txt syntax has great importance for any website. When a search engine stumbles upon a site, it first scans for a robot.txt file at the domain's root level. Once identified, the tracker reads the file and identifies files and directories that might need to be excluded.

There are many parts of your website that you might not want to appear in your user search results, like the admin page. Through this syntax, you can ensure certain pages are explicitly ignored.

Our Robots.txt Generator is an easy-to-use tool that helps you make your files compatible with Googlebot.

XML Sitemap Generator

An XML sitemap documents a website’s important pages and ensures Google finds them by significantly boosting your site when search engines crawl it. A good sitemap serves as a navigator and drives all search engines to essential pages on the site. This sitemap also enables you to notify search engines about the changes made to your site. The XML Sitemap also ensures that all websites are registered quickly and correctly.

Our XML Sitemap Tool does all that and lists your URLs in a structured manner and notifies Google, Bing, and Yandex about them.

Backlink Checker

Alongside content, backlinks compose the foremost factors that affect your webpage performance in computer program result pages (SERPs). Backlinks are crucial for building the authority of your website. They signal Google that your site is valuable because other domains find your content helpful enough to link them on their pages.

Small SEO Tools Backlink Checker helps you analyze other pages linked to a site and how your website’s backlink profile looks.

Page Authority Checker Tool

Is your page authoritative enough?

The Page Authority score (developed by a marketing analytics company named MOZ) signifies the strength of a page. It plays a crucial role in classifying and qualifying a site and ranking a page. A good proofing tool will help you estimate the time you need to spend on SEO and determine the page authority.

However, it shouldn’t be confused with Domain Authority (DA). Domain Authority measures the strength of the entire domain or subdomain. Did you know the age of the domain is considered one of the critical factors in the ranking of websites by search engines?

Small SEO Tools’ Page Authority Checker Tool offers you another service to help you seamlessly check the age of your domain and improve how your page ranks,

While these tools together will make your curating brand authority and ranking a breezy task, Small SEO Tools suggests using other tools like RGB to Hex tool, Bulk GEO IP Locator, Email Privacy, Code to Text Ratio to make search-engine optimizing your brand presence a further step easier.

Check out the full range of services today and take your brand to another level!