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Password Encryption Utility

About Password Encryption Utility

After creating a strong password and checking its strength, a password encryption utility moves one step ahead in cyber security. The encryption basically scrambles your password into an unreadable form, which protects your password when it is sitting on a server. With this technology, your password zooms across the internet in a more safer form. So if someone hacks the server instead of finding your password, they will find a random series of numbers and letters.

Having a strong password is not guaranteed to keep your data safe as long as you do not encrypt it. Even if you have a 36 character long complicated password, if anyone can access the user database of a company's server, they can copy-paste your password and use it easily no matter how complicated or long it is.

Website owners aim at attracting more and more customers to their website to increase the traffic. For this reason, they own a great responsibility to secure the data of their customers and clients. Password encryption utility can help them to safeguard their privacy many folds. This not only maintains and strengthens the trust of customers, which builds long-term relations with you but makes your website more reputable and recognized. Naturally, the customers will get attracted to a place where they know all the information they are providing about themselves are in safe hands, and they are unlikely to get in any kind of trouble. Here are some advantages that will immediately drive you to the password encryption utility.

  • Password encryption utility protects your privacy. Many people may think that they do not have anything worth stealing, but the fact is that you do have. Do not underestimate the worth of your personal data and essential information. Your personal data, including tax return documents, family photos, application forms, travel plans, financial information, social security number, list of dates when you will not be at home, etc., are sensitive information that can cause serious harm if they get into the wrong hands.

  • Encryption saves you from the trouble of ransomware blackmail and identity theft. If you do not pay the ransom, your sensitive data is sold to the highest bidder.

  • Password encryption utility enables you t share your files securely.

  • Encryption provides security in case you lose any device or it gets stolen. With an increasing trend of online work and work from home set up in the COVID pandemic, mobile phones, tablets, etc., have become more a part of the work in many systems. These devices are more likely to get stolen or lost from public places because we take them with us almost everywhere. If the hacker has no access to the password, they can not read the data from the stolen device.

The password encryption utility is safe to use as only the user has the right to know his password, and nobody else is aware of it, whether it is the web owner or the webmaster. If the user forgets his password, he has to request to reset the password and provide a new temporary password via email. He must send a message to change the password as soon for security reasons.

Make your websites secure and safe from hackers by using the password encryption tool at free online. Encrypt your passwords for added security as our password encryption tool will prove helpful to protect your website from the threat actors and malicious attacks. The first line of defense against the hackers is creating a strong password. Then encrypting it will further increase the security of your website and data.

At the, we provide you with some free online tools to build a sound and secure data system step by step with the password generator tool, password strength checker, and the password encryption utility. Here you can first create a strong password, then check its strength. In the end, encrypt it with our password encryption tool. Now the job is complete, and you do not need to worry much about the cyber threats attempting to crack your password.

Now with the advancement in the type and intensity of cyberattacks, it is necessary for modern web applications to encrypt their users' passwords to protect them from the attack of hackers, which can steal sensitive personal data from their accounts. We can help you build strong authentication security systems for small and large companies. We aim to secure your information, and data.

Tools like the password encryption utility have made it easy to protect your password from hackers promising that the users' information and sensitive data are safe and not compromised. Without these tools, it was not such an easy job in the past. So do benefit from these free online tools to secure your data completely.

Our password utility tools the following three methods to encrypt the password. They are known as encryption ciphers. i.e

The standard DES: This method uses a Unix DES-based encryption algorithm.

MD5: This method uses the hash string containing a 32 character number.

SHA-1: This method uses the US Secure Algorithm 1.

In most the situations, the AD5 and SHA-1 are enough for encryption, but in cases where a high level of security, i.e., required or there are risks for the attack of advanced cyber attacks, then standard DES, i.e., also needed.

When you create and save a new password, a feature called the hash function creates a hash version of the password and keeps it on the server. The hash function confirms the authentication by recreating the hash version whenever you log in with your password. If the hash version matches the algorithm, verify your password, and you are logged in.

This may seem that your password provides you the required security, but it is true that the simple hashed passwords are not hackproof. The hash function creates a specific hash for every password but not every user. So if multiple users are using the same password to login into any account, it will make the same hash version for every user. This problem is managed by a password encryption utility so that every user has a unique hash even if the password is the same. Sp uplifts your password management and improves your sensitive and vital data security by password encryption utility. Low-hanging fruits are easy targets for cybercriminals, and if you're not appropriately protecting your data, you are providing them golden chances of a data breach.

Using only the password encryption utility can leave you with blind spots where you think you are safe but really are not. Password encryption utility can perform the best security only with a strong password. So whether you are using the password encryption utility, do not overlook the importance of creating a strong password. Make sure that you create a strong password that is unique and use different passwords for every account. Encrypting your password does not mean that you can compromise on the basics of creating a strong password and measures to keep it safe. Maintain a regulatory system and work to keep your password safe and secure. Never ignore the security tips that may leak your passwords to unwanted people.

Q: How can I encrypt my password?

A: There are many free online tools that can encrypt your password. Type your password in the given space and click the button encrypt. In a few moments, you will receive the encryption of your password.

Q: Why do I require a password encryption utility?

A: Using a password encryption utility, you can protect your passwords against attackers who can gain access to a read-only database where a server stores its information to verify the passwords.

Q: Are passwords and encryption keys the same?

A: No, they are not the same things. Passwords are created, read and stored, or remembered by humans, whereas a key is is created by a software with the help of an algorithm, and it is not always readable by humans.

Q: How is encryption more safe than passwords?

A: Password protection includes the access of authorized users to the desired information, while encryption is a level up to the password protection and is more secure than having a strong password. The encryption further hides your password by the use of the algorithm in the form of a code that is not accessible to the hackers.

Q: Where is the encrypted form of the password stored?

A: Every user’s password is stored in the encrypted form in a password file, and these credentials are hashed by a one-way hash function so that they cannot be decrypted.

Q: Are the encrypted passwords safe?

Password encryption stores the user's credentials in the database in a secure way. If the password is not encrypted, anyone, including the hackers, can access the user database of a company's server and view the stored passwords.