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The PS format is one of the page layout formats. A PostScript file may include both visual and text information on a single page. This explains its extensive use in publications, as well as the fact that the bulk of image-editing tools supported it. The postscript file is essentially a printer's user guide. It describes how to print from its website and what to print.

The PS format is no longer popular, since alternative formats have taken its place. As a result, you might not be able to use any tool. In this case, you'll need to convert PS to a more appropriate format, such as a PDF.

A PDF to PS Converter tool that converts PDF to postscript files may be found here. It works on Mac OS, Linux, Android, iOS, and other operating systems. The Converter translates PostScript documents with maximal compliance, with the exception of situations when the PS file contains fonts that are not embedded in the document and are also not found among our server's system fonts. The typeface that our app uses to submit such typefaces is Times New Roman.

Adobe invented PDF, or Portable Document Format, which has been an open standard since 2008. The PDF format is ideal for printing or distributing documents that preserve their formatting regardless of the operating system or application used to create them.

PDF files contain vector pictures, text, annotations, video, 3D media, and other interactive components. Links, forms, JavaScript, and other features are supported in recent PDF versions. Every user of multiple operating systems, including Windows, Linux, Mac, and others, has software that can open or display PDF files, demonstrating the format's widespread use.

Printing is the most common application for the Adobe PostScript (PS) file. Adobe Systems Inc. initially launched it in 1982. In a PS file, the text and visuals are on the same page, but the printing instructions are contained in the file script separately.

PS files use graphics primitives to print fonts in a variety of sizes while maintaining quality and fidelity. To alter objects in the PS file, most image editing software, such as CorelDraw, may be utilized. Since of its graphical user interface, the PS format is widely used because it allows most laser printers to manage the output and organize high-quality photographs and text on the same page.

Postscript files may be converted to Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) using Adobe Acrobat (PDF). PDF files simulate the appearance of a printed document on a computer screen. (You'll need to install the Acrobat reader as a plug-in to view and download many PDF documents from the Internet.) Adobe now sells Supra, a more powerful solution for print-on-demand and production printing.

It's important to note that the typical home laser printer is not a Postscript printer, which is slightly more costly and more widely used in enterprises. (However, because Postscript printers aren't unreasonably expensive, they're a realistic alternative for home or small business use.)

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Simple and Quick

Without having to register, provide an email address, or include a watermark, simply drag and drop your pdf files onto the website to convert them to ps, or convert them to over 250 different file formats.

Don't Worry About Your Safety

After 24 hours, we delete uploaded pdf files and convert ps files. All files are encrypted at a high level during transmission.

We Keep Everything in Cloud

There is no need to install any software. All pdf to ps conversions are done in the cloud and do not use any resources on your PC.

Superior Quality Conversions

We've collaborated with a number of software vendors to achieve the best results possible, as well as using open source software behind the scenes. Most conversion kinds, including quality selection and a variety of additional options, can be customised to match your specific requirements.

Any File Format Is Acceptable

Inseotools is your Swiss army knife when it comes to file conversions. We support almost every music, video, document, ebook, archive, picture, spreadsheet, and presentation format. You don't need to download any software to utilise our online tool.

  • From your PC or mobile device, drag and drop a document.

  • Locate the form you seek in the catalogue using the search window.

  • In the Enter URL tab, type the path to your sample.

  • Use your cloud storage account to upload a file (Google Drive, Box, DropBox, One Drive and others). Take a look at the USLegal library.

What Is The Most Efficient Method For Converting PDF To PS?

Select the proper converters first. Then, to upload or convert a file, drag and drop or click anywhere in the blue area or on the Browse for file button. You may also type the document's URL into the URL column to add it. Then, from the drop-down option, choose Convert. After the conversion is complete, you may download the result.

How Long Does It Take To Convert A PS Document To A PDF?

This converter is really fast. The procedure takes just a few seconds to finish.

Is it safe to convert PDF to PS with this Converter tool?

Without a doubt! A download link for the result will be accessible soon after processing. We delete the files you've submitted after 24 hours, and the download links stop working. No one has access to your data, and they are safe. It's entirely risk-free.

Does this Tool run on Linux, Mac OS, or Android?

Yes, it may be accessed from any computer equipped with a web browser. Our PS converter is a web-based solution that does not necessitate the installation of any software.

How Do You Effortlessly Convert PDF to PS?

You may make things easy for yourself by using our simple PDF to PS converter. We've done our best to extract all of the information required to convert PDF to PS so that you may convert files in a single step.

What Distinguishes PDF from PostScript?

A PDF file is a PostScript file that has been processed by a RIP and turned into well-defined objects. Rather of being code, these items appear on the screen as visual objects that anybody can see. Because they have previously been processed by the RIP, these files are more reliable than EPS or.PS files for printing. 

Because EPS and PS files can easily be converted to PDF and viewed on screen, print service providers can benefit from seeing the file after it has been translated but before it is transmitted to their printing equipment. 

They could be able to detect issues in a file before wasting paper, film, or plates as a consequence. This may save a lot of time for those who run service bureaus or operate printers since files print quicker, more accurately, and with fewer mistakes.