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If you want to edit or redact the text present in the PDF documents, you can use some PDF editors online or offline, but not all the editors can edit the existing text. You may be in a situation where editing a plain text PDF file is getting annoying with the PDF editor; here is the right solution for you. Convert your PDF to TXT  with the help of online free tools like in the inseotools.com. This platform allows you to convert your data from the PDF to Text form in an easy and fast way. You just have to upload the files according to the file size and quantity limits and let the converter do the rest of the job. After a few moments of processing, you will get a download link from where you can download the converted document. This link remains available for a fixed time, after which it is deleted from the server.

Although the PDF files are a secure, consistent, and compressed form of documentation, there are a few factors due to which you may need to convert them into more flexible formats of data. PDF files are still a good form of presenting data and literature, but there are times where we come across some limitations of this format of presentation.

  • The cost of editing the PDF files makes it a less favorable option for selection.
  • The layout of PDF files is ideal for printing, but their pages in A4 or A3 format require a lot of zooms in and zoom out, making a dissatisfying user experience. In this way, it does not engage readers and leads to the need for more accessible and feasible forms of files and documents.

This worry-free conversion allows you to convert the document without taking precious space on your computer to download software. No malware can affect your computer, and no registration is required to use the PDF to Text converter. You can convert any PDF file to a simple and easy-to-open and edit TXT file.

The TXT file extension contains plain text without formatting, and almost all applications can open the TXT file. Due to this reason, this format is a popular form of file formatting in the operating systems and all platforms. This is one of the most basic and old file types existing since the origin of the early computers making it applicable over a wide range of programs and devices.

The inseotools.com offers the most simple and easy PDF to TXT converter, which enables you to extract the data present in the form of PDF files without installing any other software. You do not have to worry about the safety concerns regarding the privacy or security of your files as they remain only yours, and nobody can check your files. Many online applications and tools offer the conversion of PDF to Text, but you have to select the one matching your needs, i.e., file size, dimensions, formatting, text, and images. This tool is compatible with any device that has a browsing site so that you can convert it on your mobile, tablet, or laptop anywhere and any time with ease and convenience.

There are many reasons for which you may be looking for or will want to use this PDF to TXT converter.

The primary benefit of this conversion is that you can easily edit the pdf files.

  • Conversion of the PDF to Text allows the users, even with less computer skills or little experience, to edit the individual passages and fix the formatting errors in the document. This makes sure that the information in the original PDF file can be precisely reproduced in the edited version.
  • The TXT files become easy to be used in the desktop publishing software. This is due to the reason that the converted files are stored as standard text. Therefore, no special coding or formatting requirements are needed before editing in the word processors e.g.microsoft office based application.
  • Conversion of PDF to TXT makes it easy for you to annotate the data with notes or comments, which enables the report author to understand what you want to point out or suggest about the draft. It is possible to pinpoint the specific lines of the text and provide the detailed feedback you wish to deliver, suggesting some ideas for the improvement of the text. Moreover, this conversion also makes it possible to view the comments of different reviewers in a clear way remaining on the same page and making the necessary changes appropriately.
  • Converting the PDF to Text makes the editing and formatting process more simple in case you are handling large PDF files which are too big for powerful desktop computers to manage. This conversion makes the files manageable to use with the available software.
  • You may be looking for some features of functions that are not available in the PDF file format. In that case, it is the best solution, i.e.convert, the PDF to TXT. It uses various features, including the ability to precisely preserve certain elements images or the hyperlinks embedded inside them. You can also select the formatting features in the conversion process. You can remove the features you do not want to be in the converted files, e.g., some images may not be necessary. You can remove them as they will increase the file size, slow down the performance, and not add much value to the main document.
  • You now don’t need to copy text from any scanned book or article by hand. Just convert the PDF to Text with our simple online tool and use the text from any scan.
  • The data of Any PDF that does not allow copying of the text can be obtained by converting it to a simple TXT file by the use of this converter. 

Q: How can I make a PDF text editable?

A: you can edit the text or data in the PDF file by converting it into TXT files by the use of appropriate converter tools available free online.

Q: How can I convert a PDF to a TXT file?

A: First, select the appropriate tool and choose the file you need to convert. Drag or select it in the area mentioned. Then click on convert. In a few moments, the file gets converted, after which you can download the TXT file from the given link on the server.

Q: How many files can I convert from PDF to Text at a time by the converter tools?

A: In most of the converter tools, you can convert ten files from PDF to TXT  at a time. But some converter tools may convert 20 files at a time as well.

Q:  Are the converter tools safe to use for the privacy of the data?

A: The converter tools are safe to use as only you can see the document and no one else. The download links of the converted files are available for 24 hours after the conversion, after which they are deleted from the servers. No one has access to your files. In some tools, you can delete your file manually right after processing by clicking the bin icon shown in the options.

Q:  Can I do the PDF to Text conversion on any device?

A: Yes, you can use the free converter tool on any operating system which has a web browser. Our PDF to Text converter tool does not require any software installation.

Q: Which browser is best to use for the PDF to TXT conversion?

Any modern browser can be used to convert PDF to Text, including Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, and Firefox, making it convenient and fast to use.

Q: Can I convert a PDF to a TXT file offline?

A: Many online PDF to TXT tools have a desktop version, but most of them are ones for which you have to pay.

Q: Can I use MS word to convert PDF to TXT?

A: No, Microsoft cannot save a PDF document into a TXT file. This conversion process involves  OCR technology, and MS Office does not have this feature.

Q: Can Linux users convert PDF to TXT?

A: Yes, the Linux users can convert the PDF to Text by using an eBook application Calibre or using the line utility pdftotext to save the PDF files as plain text files. For further information, please visit this website.

Q: How can I convert PDF to TXT by Python?

A: Python is an easy to read and concise programming language. If you have windows that have python running on them, you can convert PDF to Text by downloading two tools, i.e., Poppler and pdfto text module, first.

Q: Are the PDF to TXT conversions 100% free of errors?

A: There is no single method that can do the PDF to TXT conversion perfectly with 0% error. Almost every conversion has a few anomalies. You have to go through the text to clean up any mistranslated cell, which is not that arduous as manually retyping the whole PDF document.