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It is a lossless compression method for raster graphics used in the PNG file format. To replace GIF, PNG was established as a free format. Grayscale pictures, color-indexed images, and color images are all supported by PNG. PNG is a compressed format for storing graphical data.

Digital documents can be saved in PDF format, which Adobe Systems developed. Adobe Reader is the official software for reading PDFs in this format. Most commonly, a PDF file contains a combination of text, raster and vector images, text forms, JavaScript scripts, and other sorts of objects.

It's simple to get from a PNG image to a PDF document. Our converter lets you convert PNG pictures into PDF files in seconds. Take advantage of our FREE* and simple-to-use PNG to PDF converter right now!

  1. Select a file

PNG to PDF conversion: Your PNG file may either be dragged and dropped into a PDF converter box or uploaded straight from your PC. A cloud storage service like Google Drive or Dropbox can also use PNG to PDF conversion. Our online PDF converter tool will instantly begin converting your PNG into a PDF file if you drag & drop your file or upload a PNG.

  1. Download the file or email it to yourself

Many solutions are available for individuals who want to get their newly converted PNG files into PDFs. Once the conversion job is complete, you may download the file to your computer and open it to see your newly created PDF document. In addition, we may email you a link to your converted file. Please remember that the link we'll email you to download your converted PDF will be active for just 24 hours.

Here's a quick refresher on its origins for those unfamiliar with what "Portable Network Graphics" (PNG) is all about. Initially released in 1996, this file has been around for more than two decades! As a result, when you convert this file to a PDF, the quality of the original image remains unchanged. The size of a PNG image can be altered by compressing or decompressing it. As long as you're not concerned about losing quality, there is no need to worry about the compression factor. Explore our online PDF compressing tool.

Control and preservation of quality

Converting to a PDF using inseotools PDF ensures that your original file's attributes are preserved, so you don't have to worry about losing any information. To maintain the quality of the original image, our PNG to PDF converter doesn't compress it. Your image will be compressed to fit into a PDF file, but its quality will be preserved. There won't be much of a difference! When converting a picture, the image or file size and orientation will remain the same. Using our online PDF converters is a simple solution to swiftly and easily convert your files! Soda PDF is an excellent option if you're looking for online document solutions. You can use our tools and software solution online or on a desktop computer running Windows.

Convert more and more files to and from PDF

With inseotools PDF Desktop and inseotools PDF Online, you can convert all of your PDF files into high-quality images. You have the option of converting PNG to PDF, JPG, BMP, or TIFF. PDF to Word, PDF to Excel, and PDF to PowerPoint conversions are just some of the file types that may be converted to and from PDF. Is there anything else I can do for you? The PNG to PDF converter on our site is completely free to use. We also have a GIF to PDF converter if you have additional image formats that you need to convert into a PDF file online and in a matter of seconds.

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An operating system is not required to convert PDF files to and from many high-quality file formats. Using our online program, you may convert files, but you can also create and modify documents and combine them and sign them. It's as simple as dragging and dropping files into these online PDF converters. Our online PDF solutions can assist you when it comes to your document demands. Try Soda PDF online or download our desktop version, which includes our simple-to-use PDF utilities, to experience the benefits of our software solution offline.

Is there a noticeable difference in size between the original PNG to PDF and the converted one?

After conversion, the file is usually smaller. Use the compression settings below the file selection if this isn't what you're looking for. Images in PDFs may be readily reduced in quality and resolution, which results in significantly smaller file sizes in the process.

Is it feasible to merge many files into a single PDF?

Yes, it is correct. Convert a few files at a time. The sequence in which they are combined will remain the same.

What are the benefits of using a PDF document over a formal document?

Every platform has a free viewer/reader for PDF files (Windows, Linux, Mac...). It is also important to note that PDF material is platform-agnostic, which means that the content is shown precisely the same on every device without any graphical variations. Converting PNG to PDF makes them considerably smaller in size without sacrificing any quality, and it prevents anyone from tampering with your work. There is a method for storing and compressing files, including text, pictures, and any associated material, into a single file.


Is there a Web-API for programmers available?

It's not meant to be used by anybody but the end-users. No automated scripts or excessive use are permitted.

Why can't the text be changed after conversion from PDF to Word or PowerPoint?

The text may be hidden in an image, or the entire PDF is scanned, which is why this behavior occurs. In this scenario, an image OCR is required for text recognition. OCR should be selected before converting, and the language of your document should be selected.

Why does the PDF to Excel, Word, Powerpoint, or pictures conversion fail? With OCR, just 20 pages of the original document are transformed. 

Only 100 pages (no OCR) or 20 pages can be converted owing to performance problems while utilizing this way of converting. Only PDF to Word/Excel/Powerpoint/images conversions are affected by this limit; the other way around is unrestricted. This hint is displayed underneath the dropdown box after changing the output format to something different from PDF.

Why do all interactive form fields disappear when editing/unlocking a PDF file?

Interactive form fields cannot be retained (i.e., form fields filled out, checkboxes, or selectable dropdown fields).

Why are all files converted at once rather than individually?

The conversion mode should be set to 'Convert files individually' for PNG to PDF below the file selection. When this option is not selected, all files are merged.