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Do you need to convert your PPT to PDF files and you don’t know how?  Well, worry no longer. As IN SEO TOOLS, we have just the tool you need to convert your PowerPoint presentation to a more portable and compatible PDF format. Simple and easy to operate, your PPT will be converted and ready for use in no time! Read below to find out more about PowerPoint to PDF converter and how it works.

With increased technological advancement, most of our activities have been computerized. Paperwork is being phased out at a faster rate than ever and the creation, presentation and storage of information is almost purely on computer.

PowerPoint is one of the most popular computer programs used in presentation of data. As a presentation graphics page, PowerPoint allows a user to use text, images, sound, video, and animation to create slide shows. These slide shows can then be used in several contexts including for educational and work purposes.

PowerPoint is a very useful software presentation package. It is mostly used for live presentations and discussions where someone guides others through a particular project. However, when you need to avail PPT for the future reference of other people, restrict modification, and/or improve mobility, it is important to share PPT in a format that preserves it in its original form and in a way that cannot be edited.

This is where a PowerPoint to PDF converter comes in handy. A PPT to PDF converter allows you to put a PowerPoint file in a format that someone without PowerPoint can still access and consume without making any modifications to. This is because while PowerPoint can only be accessed on certain devices through a particular program, PDFs can be easily accessed on most devices and from anywhere.

More secure: By freezing the information contained in the PPT as it is, a PPT to PDF converter makes it possible to preserve the integrity of the information. Therefore, regardless of how many people access that information, it cannot be edited or modified in any way. Converting your PPT files to PDF also helps to boost security as you can set passwords to control access to PDF files.

No formatting distortions: The format of PPT presentations is usually also prone to distortions in their formatting. This is a very undesirable eventuality. On the other hand, PDF files are static. Therefore, it is advantageous to convert PPTs to PDFs in order to avoid the inconvenience that comes with those distortions.

Smaller size: Another advantage of a PowerPoint to PDF converter is that it enables users to save a lot of storage space. PPTs are oftentimes very large because we embed various multimedia files to them including images, video, and sound. Converting PPTs to PDF allows you to retain the information in a format that is not very large and hence can easily be stored.

Ease of sharing: There are usually limitations on the size of attachments that can be shared via email. If a file is too big, your email service provider may not allow you to send it via email. Therefore, having PPTs in PDF form makes it easier to share them as attachments on email without such problems. It should also not be forgotten that the larger a PPT is, the more difficult it is for it to be played on a computer especially one that’s not so advanced.

Ease of use: While PowerPoint slides are usually loved as they are simple to control and to flow and switch through information, PDF files also have a unique ease of use. Even though you might not see oncoming content beforehand, PDF files allow you to search and quickly locate information without having to manually go through everything. A table of content can also be used to directly link various sections to make it easier to retrieve them.

While most of the information in a PPT file is present in the PDF file after conversion, there are a few exceptions. This can be attributed to the fact that PPT involves slides that are in motion whereas PDF files are entirely static. Therefore, certain elements which are not visible like concealed comments may not appear on the final PDF file after conversion. If you are converting PPTX to PDF, non-static elements like animations can also not appear in their original format.

Security: Conversion of PPT files to PDF involves uploading the selected file to the tool on our website. However, once you convert the PPTs to PDF, our servers do not retain your files at all. This guarantees your privacy and the safety of your files such that they cannot be used maliciously or shared without your consent.

Flexibility: To further enhance your convenience, our PowerPoint to PDF converter can be accessed from any device regardless of the operating system or device specifications. Our converter also supports the conversion of both PPT and PPTX files.

Ease of use: We have ensured that our converter is as simple and easy to use as possible. The process is straight-forward and does not require any specialized knowledge to undertake. The conversion process also takes a very short time.

Yes, it is safe to convert PPTs to PDF. All the information on the slides will be captured and preserved on the PDF file. The only content that might not be on the PDF file is the hidden content and the non-static elements of the PPT such as animations.

Because the conversion is done online, it makes sense to worry about viruses and other malware. However, our PowerPoint to PDF converter security structure is optimized to ensure that no malware is downloaded to your device when you are saving your converted files.

You also don’t have to worry about anyone else accessing your files without consent. This is because our PPT to PDF converter has automated deletion. This means that even if you forget to delete the files manually after conversion, they will still be deleted automatically and no record will be left on our servers.

As IN SEO TOOLS, all our tools are made with user convenience and experience in mind. Therefore, this user-centric approach dictates that all our tools are easy and simple to use. To convert PPT to PDF using our converter, do the following:

  1. Go to our In SEO website.
  2. Select the PowerPoint to PDF converter to open.
  3. Drag the PPT file you want to convert and drop it in the box
  4. Click “convert”.
  5. Download the converted file.

Whereas PowerPoint presentations have their own strengths, it is preferable to use PDF files in several cases. PDF files offer more portability, compatibility, security, compactness, and ease of use. Therefore, it is important to have a reliable conversion tool that you can trust with your PPT to PDF conversion needs.

Use our PowerPoint to PDF converter today and enjoy an exceptional user experience. The conversion process using our tool is fast, convenient, secure, and reliable. You will not have to worry about the confidentiality of your files as they are automatically deleted once you download your PDF file(s) after conversion. There will be no errors on the final PDF file and you will not have to worry about whether you want to convert a PPT or a PPTX file.