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About Reverse IP Domain Checker

Reverse IP domain or reverse DNS is often mysterious to domain name managers, particularly when the games are hosted by major hosting companies. Reverse IP domain enables you to resolve from an IP address to an FQDN.

That’s the exact opposite of the classic use of DNS that associates domain names to IP addresses. The reverse DNS enables you to answer the question: I have an IP address, but what is the FQDN related to it?

Reverse IP Domain Check is the process of looking up an IP or domain name and figuring out if all the domains are hosted at the same IP address on a web server. As you may already know, a Reverse IP Domain Checker tracks down websites and IP addresses and offer you practical geographical details about a specific IP address.

You will find different free Reverse IP Domain Checker providers on the internet today. To make it short, a checker will show you other domains hosted o the same server as you are. Entering the domain name or IP address of your competitor enables you to collect info about their hosting service.

Details about your hosting service provider come in handy if you wish to understand how many other computers share the same IP. There are a few reasons for you wanting to conduct a reverse IP domain check, such as the following:

  • You may be in a bad neighborhood
  • You like to protect your email servers from malware and spam
  • One of the search engines had detected malware and issued you a warning
  • Your clients’ emails are tagged as a spam
  • You might be getting complaints from numerous clients that accessing your site is extremely low

Is your traffic slowing down, and your customers are complaining? If that’s the case, you may like to change your hosting service or get a static IP address server for your site.

Keep in mind that false IP addresses across different networks distribute malware, and your domain network might have been attacked. That only indicates your web hosting service isn’t updating and shielding the network over malware attacks.

The email provided by your hosting service might be labeling your clients’ email as spam. In that scenario, you must inform the provider that emails from your clients must not be labeled as spam. You can utilize our Reverse IP Domain Checker to check whether your clients’ domains have been labeled as bad by Google and other major search engines.

There are different scenarios where using Reverse IP Domain Checker might be very helpful. Here are some of them:

Overcrowded web hosting

Doing a reverse IP domain check lets you check how many other sites are hosted on the same IP as you. That might not indicate they’re on the same machine, and there could be a reverse proxy server serving requests for many servers behind it. However, the exercise is that the shared hosting providers host a lot of domains on the same server to save resources.

That may result in slowing down your site or even timeouts if you have traffic spikes. That’s especially true, even if your website is hosted on a separate server and fast but behind the same IP address as other sites, that increases the risk that it can be flagged as spam.

Network security

A Reverse IP Domain Check can determine hostnames linked with an attacking system, whether it’s a botnet or a basic scanning. That could help the investigation by involving more informational sources.

Look for PBNs for search engine optimization 

Most people prefer tricking Google by not spending their resources. They do this by using the same web hosting to make different websites and link their site or sell links to other people. 

Reverse IP Domain Check is one of the things you can do to determine if your competitor or someone offering you links has done a subpar job and all their sites are hosted on the same server. Google could see that and demotes any links coming from the same IP address.

Look for bad neighbors

Did you know that doing a Reverse IP Domain Check allows you to look for all the domains hosted on the same server as your site? There are many cases with shared hosting providers having hundreds or thousands of sites hosted on the same IP address.

Some of them might be torrents content, gambling-related, adult-related, and more. Most of such content isn’t legal in some areas. If a website is hosted on the same IP address as you, your website and all other great sites on that IP will be filtered.

Therefore, if you have any concerns with your website, you can always count on our Reverse IP Domain Checker. 

A website under DDOS attack hosted on the same server with a similar IP address is risky for your site’s overall ranking. DDOS attacks could down the entire server, and your site will either be unavailable for users or go down.

That’s why it is always a best practice to utilize dedicated servers, especially if you’re serious about your site and its ranking.

Using our Reverse IP Domain Checker is relatively easy. Do the following steps to help you get started.

  1. Open our Reverse IP Domain Checker.
  2. Type or enter the domain name, or paste the URL to the search box.
  3. Click the check button and take your seat.

Our advanced and smart tool will fetch all the websites hosted on the same IP address as yours and show the results in a table format. From there, you can see the list of websites, which are hosted on your server along with shared IP.

The best part about using our Reverse IP Domain Checker is that it’s 100% free. You don't have to fill a long forms by sign up stuff or need to register. That means anyone can use their tool! How amazing is that?

Our Reverse IP Domain Checker tool provides you with a list of websites using the same IP as yours. You can check all those sites whether they are malware-infected or not. Keep in mind that sharing an IP address with a website containing immoral or illegal content or reported as spam could negatively affect your overall website ranking.

To check the malware, you can use our Reverse IP Domain Checker, as it will help you to determine suspicious or malicious sites and notify you accordingly.

IN SEO Tools make it simple for you to handle your domain for your server IPs. Just follow the steps outlined above, and you are good to go.

Take note that setting up a reverse IP domain record is relatively simple and can be beneficial to make sure your IP does indeed belong to the domain it claims. Our Reverse IP Domain Checker tool can be extremely helpful if you have a list of IP addresses you want to check or if you want to know more about where a request is coming from when all you have is the IP address.

For instance, extract the IP address from the web server log and distinguish the origin of the requests through the IP address only.