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Are you a social media marketer who likes to focus your budget, effort better, and time? Then it would be best if you had a social stats checker tool.

Are you thinking about which of your social media strategies are working? We will cover the best social stats checker you can have from IN SEO Tools on this page.

Remember that social media analytics tools help you make performance reports to share with your boss, stakeholders, and team to understand what is working and what is not. They must also present you the information you need to evaluate your social media marketing strategy on micro and macro levels.

The importance of social sharing in your business can’t be emphasized enough. The advantages are numerous, and the outcomes show a massive potential for social media marketing to boost sales. You see, social media is the most cost-efficient tool for sharing your content and increasing your business’s visibility.

No matter what platform, social media offers your business an opportunity to build relationships with your consumers, create trust, network with other businesses, and share content. Here are some of the importance of it and how it can be beneficial to you:

  • Improved brand recognition. Social media is a good way to introduce big audiences of people to your brand. Enhanced visibility through social media is invaluable, making your brand more accessible and recognizable for new customers.

  • Convert more opportunities. Each time you post on social media platforms, you’re letting the opportunity for customers to convert. Make sure you post regularly to achieve a dedicated and interactive following. Each post, image, or article enables the opportunity for someone to respond, which

  • Build links. Using social media together along with your content marketing helps you earn and build links organically. As you develop your social media following, you also establish a big following of individuals who share your content. Each piece of content hitting your website must be shared on your social media profiles. In short, social media is a great way to help improve your search engine rankings.

  • Boost sales. The capability to target a selected audience is one of the major advantages of social media marketing. Social media offers you the perfect platform to function as an opportunist, boosting your sales with social media by working on becoming an engaging brand. Further, you wish to build interest through interaction with followers, shared content, building relationships, and acquiring a following. You will notice a long-term rise in your sales if you do such things.

A social stats checker is an online reporting tool that interfaces with Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Google Analytics API to create insightful reports on your daily, weekly, and monthly performance.

Ease of use and simplicity is at the heart of our analytical tool. That is exclusively designed to help you make more smart decisions about your marketing spend online.

These days, checking a business’s social status is vital as checking site ranking. All you must do to check the social status of your website is to use our social stats checker tool. On our website, please scroll down on the list until you find the Social Stats Checker icon and click it.

The page will then request you to enter the URL of your site. Enter that, and it will show the website’s social status on different platforms. Some of the platforms it can show are the following:

  • Pinterest. It is a social media site for sharing online photos. Pinterest needs members to add a short description of the photo they upload. Clicking a photo will bring you to the original site from where the photo and post have been uploaded.

  • Google+. Google+ is another social media network that has been made to replicate how online users engage offline.

  • Twitter. Twitter is considered a microblogging service. Online users are allowed to broadcast brief messages referred to as Tweets. Members can also send their short messages and follow other users’ Twitter.

  • Facebook. Facebook is probably the most widely sought social media platform on the globe. Users must register, which is somewhat simple and takes only a few minutes.

  • Instagram. This is another photo and video sharing app. Users can upload videos or photos to the platform and share them with their followers or with a select group of friends.

  • LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a social network made for the business community. Members can post their job titles, qualifications, and more on the site. It enables users to engage with others who share their interests and exchange notes. LinkedIn also lets its members connect with other professionals in the same line of work.

Remember that our social status checker helps you identify your online presence on social media. It creates a unique and detailed report of your current social media status to tell you how many social media signals you have and how powerful your social media presence is.

Having a solid social media presence is vital for your business. Here are some tips you can consider helping improve your overall social media presence:

  • Pick the correct channels

You don’t need to be on every social media channel. There are too many, and it is not practical to be on all of them. As an alternative, pick platforms that make sense for you. Is Instagram where your present customers spend most of their time? Is Facebook where your potential next customer and your target audience hang out?

Concentrate then on those two if you are only beginning. A good rule to follow is to begin slow and do one or two networks before you branch out. You also wish to set clear goals for the platform and know how you’ll measure success on that channel.

  • Incorporate visual marketing

Human beings can process visuals a lot faster than text. People will also find visually appealing imagery more engaging and interesting than a huge chunk of letters. Well-made images could step up your entire marketing game and help you attract more customers.

Canva is a good tool that will help you look at how simple it is to make amazing designs. Creating appealing graphics involves picking the proper color and the correct placement of visual elements. Designing various designs, utilizing different color elements, and offering your audience what they like will add relevancy and value to your brand.

  • Engage with your target audience

Build a good relationship with your target audience and followers. You can do that by engaging with them on social media. You must Engage with the ppl who comment on your posts. Commenting with a relevant response, answering a customer service concern, or even a quick “Like” on their comment can make a big difference with a prospect.

It would be best if you listened to what they comment to begin responding with relevancy. Remember that engaging with your followers is a good way to support brand loyalty and trust from your customers.

Absolutely! Our social status checker is a reliable and fast tool that doesn’t need any registration or sign-up process. It can turn on nearly all browsers and offers accurate results in just a few seconds.

The best part here is it’s a 100% free SEO tool helping you assess your social status and get to know which social media channels are working well for you.