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TIFF to Text

Documents are an integral part of our everyday lives; we need them almost everywhere. The requirements of the formats, however, vary from place to place. Whether it’s work projects or school assignments, we’re always on the lookout for ways to make our job easier.

The three most common file formats are PDF, TIFF and JPEG. Converting one format to another isn’t an easy task, especially when there is a crucial deadline. In such a situation, all we want are tools to quickly wrap up our projects, without having to waste any more time. And SEO tools are just what come to your rescue at such times.

The wide number of creator applications available these days make your workflow as an individual or as an organization considerably more streamlined and seamless. These converter tools are all the more beneficial for larger organizations that have branches spread across the world.

Converting documents from one format to another has many benefits; it improves communication and enhances the whole work process. All you need to know is which file format you require and you’re good to go. Documents in the required formats, such as TIFF, also boost accessibility and productivity. Moreover, it helps boost collaboration and communication among colleagues in different work locations. 

TIFF file formats also help maintain the quality of the document, especially when it is in the lossy format. When files are frequently converted from one format to another, the quality of the document deteriorates. But with TIFF, you have nothing to worry about due to standardization of the format and preservation of the document integrity.

While there are many SEO tools out there, one of the most important and commonly used tools is the Tiff to TXT converter. Considering the fact that we require this tool often, it’s best we use online tools that are free. We at InSEO have got you covered! 

InSEO TIFF to TXT Converter is a super handy tool to convert plain text to the TIFF format. So, if you’re looking for a quick fix to convert your text files to TIFF format files, you know where to head. 

Before we know how to convert Text documents to the TIFF format, let’s understand what both these formats are.

TXT Format Documents

TXT is a file format that includes text and can be opened or modified on text terminals or basic text editors. These include Notepad and WordPad on Windows OS. Text files can contain both formatted and unformatted text. The formatting options are very few, which ensures the TXT format documents don’t have bold or italics text. As TXT format files are mostly used for storing information, they mostly contain plain text only. Thanks to this, converting the files to any other format is easier.

One of the major disadvantages of TXT files is that they occupy a lot of space. Considering the fact that these files have barely any edited text, they should ideally have lesser storage requirements. But that’s not the case. Also, a TXT file that does not contain any text is known as a ‘zero-byte-file’.

TIFF Format Files

TIFF stands for Tagged Image Format File and is a format used for storing raster graphics. TIFF formats are typically used for various purposes such as OCR text, printing, faxing, and even scanning. This format is supported by a range of graphics applications, making it a popular choice.

The TIFF format was released way back in 1986 by Aldus Corporation with the aim to ensure that all companies use the same image format for scanned files. While the format was basic in the beginning, it evolved through the years. Today, TIFF is a highly flexible and comprehensive format that keeps raster type graphics and data in a single file with data tags. 

TIFF can accommodate both lossy and lossless image formats. If a TIFF format file features a lossless image format, you’re assured of a high-quality image with compressed, manageable file size. Many applications are compatible with the TIFF format, which allow you to open, create or manipulate these files. These include GIMP and Adobe Photoshop, which allow you to scan, process, manipulate images and a whole range of other features.

While tools make it easy to convert files in different formats, here are some things we need to ensure before we actually upload a file for conversion:

Ensure Uniform Font Through the Document

One of the most important aspects is ensuring the text in the TXT file has a standard format. So, before you upload, just skim through the document to ensure all the text is in the same font and recognisable at a single glance. 

Stick to Simple Fonts

Try not to use any fancy fonts as it would slow down the conversion process. Secondly, you need to choose the right font to ensure you have a higher conversion rate. These fonts include Times New Roman, Arial, and other commonly used fonts. A standard document with even text makes the process of conversion super easy.

Step 1: Upload TXT Files

Select files you wish to convert to the TIFF format. These files can be from your computer, Dropbox, Google Drive, URL or any other location on your computer. You can either upload manually or drag the files into the InSEO TIFF to TXT converter tool.

Step 2: Choose the Format

Now, you need to select the format you want to convert your TXT file to from all the available formats. So, pick ‘TIFF’ from the list to get the desired result.

Step 3: Download Your TIFF Format File

Depending on the size of the file you’ve uploaded, the conversion process may take a few moments or more. Wait until the process is complete, after which you can download your TIFF file. 

High Conversion Rate

With the InSEO file converter, you are assured of a high conversion rate and quick results. You’ll have your file converted to the preferred file format in no time. If you wish to speed the process, do ensure the text in the TXT file is of uniform, standard font.

Good Quality Results

You won’t have to worry about the quality of files delivered when you use our conversion tool. Whether it is the TIFF to TXT format or any other format, the resultant files are of high quality, thanks to our powerful tool.

No Watermark

Watermarks or any copyright marks are undesirable in any document. We’re aware of how annoying it can be if your converted document ends up with a watermark. With InSEO tools, all your deliverables are free of any such marks, irrespective of the file format you choose.

Free Of Cost

While we prefer tools that are quick and reliable, the cost is also an important aspect. Our tools are free of cost, ensuring you don’t have to spend any money or sign up for our membership to get your files converted or use any of our tools. You also wouldn’t have to install any specific software to get your work done. Simply open the website, select the desired tool, upload the file, wait for the process, and you’re good to go!

Summing Up

When you have such simple, handy tools to convert your files to any format you require, why look for more? Choose InSEO for its high quality, reliable services!