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No doubt, social media platforms have become a great source of traffic for businesses and brands. These sites play an integral role in marketing and advertisement. As a business owner, you can bring more traffic to your site through social channels. Also, it helps you optimize your online presence. We understand the importance of SEO tools for your website. At IN SEO TOOLS, we offer a range of free tools to help you.

Wondering what does a post should look like when someone shares a page from your site?

Twitter Graph Checker is one of the best tools among many others. It comes very useful for businesses all over the world. Undoubtedly, you can boost the traffic to your website more effectively. The “Open Graph” protocol can help you share content from a web page on social forums. If you want to provide rich information about the content, Open Graph Data comes in handy. It is a useful tool when providing content of a page from a site.

Indeed, Open Graph Tags are very helpful for people. The impact of the protocol is immense. It can be found at the search engine level. These tags are popularly used for social media platforms. Remember, social sharing has a strong business interest. For that reason, many people opt for generating and increasing traffic through social sites. Open Graph Tags play a significant role in SEO strategy. Therefore, you need to choose the right SEO tool for your website. Twitter Graph Checker is one such online tool for you.

Open Graph Tags are further classified into different essential properties, such as:


As the name suggests, it is the title of your content. This graph tag should appear within the social graph. The og:title depicts the title of your web page. Similar to the HTML title tag, it works the same way. Most importantly, make sure the title is concise. In addition, the title should not have more than 95 characters.


This tag determines the type of your objects such as an article, blog post, or video. Depending on the type, it may have different properties.


When you share information, it is important to enter an image URL. An image is, of course, shown with the URL. This is where og:image plays a crucial role. With such a tag, you can distinguish the content from status updates. Social media platforms have different requirements for image resolution. For example, you can use an image with a resolution of at least 1200 x 630 pixels for Facebook. Also, the maximum file size can be 8MB. Apart from that, 200 x 200 pixels is the smallest size. The platform lets you use an image of lower resolution. But, it will appear much smaller. With Twitter Graph Checker, you can boost your SEO campaign.


It refers to the URL of your post or page. Even if the full URL doesn’t appear, there is no need to be panic. That’s simply because the social graph may just show the domain. You can use this tag to ensure all the shares are credited to one URL. If you have several URLs for the same content, the og:url is a perfect choice.


It is important for you to provide a description. Though og:description tag is optional, it provides necessary information about your web page. As a result, it can boost traffic to your site.

Wondering how to use Twitter card tags and Open Graph? In this section, we will guide you on using Open Graph and Twitter Card Tags. At IN SEO TOOLS, we offer a range of SEO tools to meet all your needs. There are various ways to add Open Graph and Twitter Card tags. All you have is to do include meta tags in the <head> section. Also, you can use a plugin in Content Management System such as WordPress.

Most importantly, you need to examine your code for tags such as og:type or og:url. Alternatively, make sure to use the debugging tools provided by social networks to ensure there is a tag on your website.

Undoubtedly, you need to be careful when generating tags. They need to be planned and executed professionally. For that purpose, you should pay attention to every feature of your website. This is where a compelling description and appealing image can enhance the interest in people to visit your website. With Twitter Graph Checker, you can make the process much easier. We understand how difficult it can be for you to gain traffic and boost Google’s rank. Our tools are designed to give you a hassle-free experience.

Surely, social media websites are the most visited ones. So, they provide a great opportunity for business owners to generate more traffic. If you want to achieve this milestone, make the best use of the Twitter Graph Checker. With this tool, you can make your website stand out amongst many others. Most importantly, it can take your website to the next level instantly. Drawing more clicks and views is hassle-free with a graph checker.

Have you already applied tags to your website? All you have is to test them using the right tool. At IN SEO TOOLS, our tool can help you do this in easy steps. It is the best choice for beginners as well as experts. After entering the URL of the website, the checker will generate the result in a few seconds. The checker will show the tags if any. If there is no tag, this tool will provide a message. 

You can use Twitter Graph Checker after the implementation in the HTML code. What makes this tool so popular? Every business has a competitor, right? It is vital to track the competitors’ performances. The same goes for Open Graph Tags. With this tool, you can determine which tags are used by your competitors. As a result, you can get more traffic with similar tags. 

In this modern age, a website is a necessity of every company. It is designed to carry a company digitally. If you want to generate site visitors, all you have is to optimize the website. Social media platforms allow you to draw high-quality traffic to your site. Furthermore, you need to carefully plan the tags that will be used for your website. Some of the most common Open Graph tags are discussed above. Make sure to pay special attention to all of these tags. With the right SEO tools, you can make this process easier. 

Open Graph Tags help you make your web content visible on social media forums. Highlight your content to bring more traffic. Do not hesitate to experience complex tags. You may find new and effective ways to promote your business. Twitter Graph Checker is the best tool you can ever use for your site. Want to grow your business?  With more leads and sales, you can make this happen.

Undoubtedly, social media channels have evolved into great excellent marketing options. These networks demand your utmost attention. Your competitors are already using SEO tools to achieve their goals and objectives. What are you waiting for? 

Visit IN SEO TOOLS to explore a wide range of tools for your website. Our Twitter Graph Checker is simple to use. With an intuitive user interface, it helps you to use the tool without any hassle.