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The Free Website Screenshot Generator By In SEO Tools

Take Endless Web Screenshots For Free of Cost! Taking Screenshots from Webpages is not a Big Deal Anymore! Just Add Your Web Page URL and Hit the "Submit" button. You will get the Downloadable Screenshot of Your URL that You can Save it on Your Device, Easily!

No doubt that every PC comes up with a built-in feature for taking a screenshot. But not every person is tech-savvy who cleverly knows the shortcuts or ways to take screenshots directly from a PC.

People face a hard time taking screenshots from websites, and that's the reason the "In SEO Tools" team decided to build a tool that can bring ease to the people who want to take web  screenshots without any hassle.

Our team of expert web developers has put their best efforts into developing a tool that is capable of taking screenshots from any website available on the internet.

Earlier, taking a screenshot from a website was not much easier. There were no easy-to-use tools available in the market that can take a screenshot of any web page you can ask.

And those who were providing such facilities were not free to use. They charge a pretty hefty amount of money that not everyone can afford.

But we care about you, and that is why we have created a website screenshot generator tool that takes screenshots and provides you web pages screenshots without charging a single penny.

Taking a screenshot from your phone or tablet is much easier. But when it comes to taking a screenshot from a PC, it’s the real struggle that every PC user can relate with.

You can not take a screenshot of any web page quickly on a PC, just like you can take a screenshot on a phone with a few touches or button presses.

You need to be either tech-savvy, who knows the shortcuts of taking a screenshot, or you should know a good reliable and free to use webpage screenshot generator just like us.

Not everyone knows such codes or screenshots, and that's where our web page screenshot generator steps in.

We are a one-stop solution point for all the non-technical people out there who want to take screenshots of web pages available on the internet.

Our tool contains non-confusing and easy-to-understand interference that allows you to take a screenshot of any webpage in less time.

Here are the 3 types of people who need to use our web screenshot generating tool:

The PC User: If you're a PC user, you must be frustrated to face the consistent struggle of taking a screenshot of your desired web page. The shortcuts consume your precious time as you'll first think and remind yourself about it, which is frustrating.

Who has the time to remember shortcuts?

Our tool is designed to take a web page screenshot without wasting time. It doesn't make you recall your memorized screenshots (that you've most likely forgotten!). Our tool will only demand a URL of the webpage from you to extract the screenshot , that's it.
The Business Website Owner: Our Web Page Screenshot Generator tool is a life-saver for all the business websites out there. Thinking, How?

We all know that websites are most likely to get issues, errors, glitches, and malwares. Site visitors or potential customers mainly address these issues.

When your website contains an error and your visitor, or digital customer told you about such an error through a phone call, message or email, of course, you've to resolve it.

But how will you know what issue your visitor is exactly facing?

Of course, you'll ask your customer to send you a screenshot of that issue. Again, mostly computer shortcuts are terrifying. No one wants to use such shortcuts.

If you guide your customer to take a screenshot through the "Print Screen" or "CTRL" method, they will find it challenging and get frustrated.

However, if you tell them, take a screenshot from:, your website visitor won't face any hassle, and they probably will send you the screenshot in less time.

The No Tech-Savvy Person: If you're a non-techy person, you'll be clueless about how you can take screenshots of any web on PC without any tool.

Does it seem so hard for you? No probs!

When our easy-to-use tool is available, why go for such a hard choice? Our tool just asks you to put the URL and hit the submit button, and presto, you'll get your web screenshot without the hassle of using any code.

The Internet Surfer, Researcher & Screenshot Lover: Do you love internet surfing? Are you a person who loves to research and dig out things from the internet, or do you love to take tons of web screenshots?

Then our web page screenshot generator is for you!

Our tools help you take web page screenshots by consuming less time as it'll only require a URL of the webpage you want a screenshot from. You don’t need any computer shortcuts or expensive software’s subscription to buy to get a quality screenshot image!

Want to know what In SEO Tools' Web Screenshot Generator provide features and benefits to you:

  1. Free of Cost: Our web screenshot generating tool provides you its services for free. This means you can take screenshots from endless web pages without paying a single penny.
  2. Quality Screenshot Image: Don't think that if our tool is free, then we provide low-quality screenshot images. When you use our tool to take a web screenshot, we provide you with excellent quality screenshot images without any doubt.
  3. Time Saver: Our tool asks you to put the URL of the web page you want a screenshot from and hit the submit button. You'll get the screenshot within a few milliseconds.
  4. Easy To Use: Our tool's interference is pretty easy to understand. It doesn't contain any complicated interference that confuses you at all.

So, now you want to use our free Web Screenshot Generator but don't know how to use it? Following, we have curated a quick tutorial that you can follow to take a screenshot out of web page of your desire:

  1. First, open up the web page from which you want to take a screenshot.
  2. Copy the URL of that page.
  3. Now go to
  4. Our tool web page will open up in front of you. You can see a bar where they ask you to paste your URL.
  5. Paste your copied URL in that area.
  6. For security, you've to do the captcha process.
  7. Now hit the "Submit" button.
  8. Within a blink of your eye, you'll get a downloadable screenshot with the "Save the Screenshot" button.
  9. To save and download the screenshot, click on the "Save the Screenshot" button.

However, if you plan to take a screenshot in series, near the "Save the Screenshot" button, you'll see the "Try New URL" button that allows you to take more screenshots.

By following the tutorial mentioned above, you can successfully take a screenshot of any of your desired web pages.

Q1: Is your Website Screenshot generator tool Free or Paid?
A: Our tool is not paid. Which means with In SEO Tools’ Web Screenshot Generator,  you can get endless quality screenshot images at no cost.

Q2: Is it suitable for a non-tech savvy person?
A: For sure! If you're a person who doesn't know how to take a screenshot on a PC without any software, then our tool is your dire need.

Our Free Web Screenshot Generating tool is easy to use. You don’t have to memorize any short computer codes at all. You can extract the screenshot of any webpage just by putting a URL in our tool.

Q3: Does your free tool provide quality screenshot images?
A: It's a universal truth that "Free Stuff is of No Good Quality!". It is a statement that has made you question the screenshot image quality. We're glad that you raised your valid concern.

We do care about you; that is why we created a free-to-use web screenshot generator against all the paid and free (yet bad quality screenshot image!) screenshot generators. We remain on the top because we provide free yet quality screenshot images in no time!